Kamil Stoch: Four Hills Star and Facebook phenomenon

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Polish citizen Kamil Stoch is a social media millionaire – and one of the greatest gold contenders for the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang. With four victories in the Four Hills Tournament, the Poles won the Grand Slam, which only Sven Hannawald had achieved so far. Kamil Stoch is a phenomenon in the social networks with 1.040,000 Facebook fans - and thus also exciting for the marketing sector.


Kamil Stoch after his triumph at the Four Hills Tournament 2017/18
Kamil Stoch after his triumph at the Four Hills Tournament 2017/18

Kamil Stoch: Throwback to 2017

Sven Hannawald was the first congratulator. After Kamil Stoch secured his fourth victory in the fourth jump of the Four Hills Tournament with his last jump in Bischofshofen, Hannawald rushed to his successor. After all, Stoch was the first Hannawald's feat of the 2002 tour to win all the show jumping competitions.

With his second consecutive tour victory Kamil Stoch is the top favourite for Olympia 2018 in Pyeongchang. While he was still struggling with material problems at the beginning of the Olympic winter, he was fully back at the start of the Four Hills Tournament.

Back to his old strength with former DSV coach

A large part of Stoch’s comeback to the world elite is due to former German co-trainer Stefan Horngacher, who signed on with the Polish association as a team coach. 

“Now we have a very good team spirit. Every athlete believes in themselves. Stefan Horngacher also changed some things for me in my approach position and my training – but above all it’s psychological things that he does differently,” Kamil Stoch says, revealing his secret to success. That is why Stoch isn’t just the 2018 Olympics favorite for Severin Freund “because he knows how to win.”

This is Kamil Stoch: His Achievements

So far, Kamil Stoch looks back to the following achievements:

  • 3x olympic gold
  • 1x olympic bronze
  • 2x gold in nordic ski world cups
  • 11x gold in Polish ski cups

Another known fact: Kamil Stoch is third in the all time ranking of professional skiers with most victories in world cups. All in all, he has 39 victories so far. Number two in this ranking is Matti Nykänen (46 victories) and number one is Gregor Schlierenzauer (53 victories). 


Instagram: Nearly 400,000 followers

Facebook: Over 1.040,000 fans

Kamil Stoch, born in Polish ski jumping mecca Zakopane, is considered a ski jumper with the perfect combination of jumping power and flight feeling. “He has the best basic technique of all ski jumpers,” lauds Austria’s head coach Heinz Kuttin. In Poland, he’s long since reached the status of ski jumping folk hero Adam Malysz. The first Polish tournament winner was as famous in his time as the now late Pope John Paul II.

Thousands of fans from Poland travel to all of Stoch’s important jumps – fans whom Kamil Stoch then courteously thanks. Almost always by his side: his lovely wife Ewa. She frequently accompanies him to competitions and takes care of financial matters. No wonder she also makes repeat appearances on Stoch’s social media channels.

Kamil Stoch: Sponsors, income and a fun fact


Stoch’s key sponsors are Atlas (helmet) and Eurosport (skis). His biggest outfitters are the ski brand Fischer and safety specialist Uvex.


Stoch is a big earner in the scene. In the 2017 winter’s World Cup alone, he earned 187,400 Swiss francs. With sponsors and outfitters, Stoch’s yearly income could come close to one million euros.

Fun fact:

Kamil Stoch has his own clothing line: Kamiland. The popular flier makes even more money from sales, for example, on his website https://kamiland.pl.

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