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Sustainability Hub at OutDoor by ISPO

Green Conscience: Hub For More Sustainability

How do companies like Icebug, suppliers like American Wool and retailers like Globetrotter implement sustainability? A look behind the scenes on the topic of traceability and transparency is offered for three days by the Sustainability Hub at OutDoor by ISPO.

Megatrend sustainability: info and exchange offers the Sustainability Hub of GreenroomVoice .  

Whether brands such as Deuter, Exped or Vaude, suppliers such as American Wool, Re:Down or Südwolle Group, retailers such as 2nd Peak and Globetrotter or NGOs such as ClimatePartner and Myclimate - they are all present at the Sustainability Hub at OutDoor by ISPO as partners. On an extra exhibition space in the Atrium 4GreenroomVoice (GRV) informs on the topics of traceability and transparency. In addition, the agency wants to stimulate interdisciplinary discussions here, and create a collaborative working model to promote ecological and social innovations. Because living and doing business more sustainably concerns us all. And the outdoor and sports industry takes its social responsibility.

Daily Guided GRV Transparency Tours

To make the topic of CSR of the respective partners more transparent, the GreenroomVoice experts offer daily guided GRV Transparency Tours - under the motto: "Share your experiences and meet pioneers". 

Climate Partners, Globetrotter, South Wool Group/NZM and Textile Exchange are on the program on Sunday, June 12; Hohenstein Institute, Lavalan, Myclimate and Vaude on Monday, June 13; and 2nd Peak, Exped, Iteratif and Retraced on Monday, June 14. The tours (in English) will begin at 11 a.m. each day in the Sustainability Hub area.

The megatrend sustainability moves the outdoor industry.

In case you can not experience the tour live or would like to watch it again in peace you can do so here.

Answers to Important Sustainability Questions

"Many of us feel the need to meet again, exchange ideas and come together as an industry. And to think about what is important to us," says Cira Riedel, CEO of GreenroomVoice. In her eyes, there is no better time to ask important questions, "What is the industry we want? Where are our priorities and what needs to happen to make them happen?"

Because sustainable development, Riedel said, requires basic baseline data to define effective actions. The creation of this data requires instruments and the willingness to trace the path back to the extraction of raw materials, with an openness to transparency towards consumers. These could then contribute with responsible purchase decisions to steer the sustainability course of the enterprises.

Cira Riedel, CEO of GreenroomVoice

Sustainability Hub with Three Focal Points

Three focal points are offered by the Sustainability Hub at the OutDoor by ISPO: On the one hand, the topics of traceability and transparency will be examined from different angles, and on the other hand, GreenroomVoice will offer extensive information on ecological and social impacts and shows how strongly their partners focus on climate protection measures.

Clear Communication About Brands and Products

To promote the activities of CSR brands and their products, GreenroomVoice has specialized in sustainability topics in the outdoor sports sector. The goal: to communicate clearly, meaningfully and trustworthily. Therefore, GreenroomVoice also offers its transparency tours to the exhibitors to give a good overview of the different aspects and approaches of traceability and transparency.

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Uschi Horner