Reasons for Retailers to visit ISPO Munich

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More Presence. More Relevance. More Connections. The sports world is finally coming together again in Munich at ISPO Munich 2022. ISPO Senior Associate Hans Overduin explains how retailers in particular can benefit from the exhibition.


Personal contact

Sometimes we may forget it: but at the heart of our business is personal contact. Be it with the consumers in your store, or with the people from the brands you stock. We all have experienced by now what we can achieve digitally together – which is quite a lot. But it has also become clear that something is missing when you cannot meet in person. At ISPO Munich 2022 it’s finally time to reconnect in person with your industry friends and contacts!


The world of sports at a glance

Being the world’s largest platform for the sports industry, ISPO Munich offers you the unique possibility to see thousands of brands in one place. Nowhere else in the world you will find more brands, products, services and inspiration under one roof! So there really is no better way to see, compare, judge and prepare your best business decisions.


Identify trends

The world of sports is in a constant flux. As a retailer you want to be ahead of the troops, not lagging behind. Checking out the exhibition halls will for sure give you a good impression in which direction the world is heading.


Get inspired and energized

Seeing new stuff, hearing exciting stories and sharing experiences with your fellow retailers will get you inspired and energized for the next season. And, let’s be honest, how many industry colleagues do you normally meet in a week at home?


Be the first to meet the new kids on the block

ISPO Brandnew is the place to scout for new, exciting products, innovations and brands. Be among the first to check out their stories and ideas and leave your local competitors behind.


Spend quality time with your team members

Working together in a store is great, but traveling together is even better. Just imagine how different brainstorming works over a nice evening dinner or on your way to or from the show. A different environment usually generates different ideas. Great ideas, for sure! Hard to think of a better investment in your team…


Way more than products

Being a retailer today is more than offering product. That’s why we have an extensive program with lectures, workshops, tours and more. You can listen to market experts not only from your industry, but also from other fields – or ask questions. Enough to choose from, so make sure to plan some time to join in on one or two events.


Planting seeds

Some decisions take some time. At ISPO Munich you can plant seeds, which later result in thought-through decisions. So even if there’s no immediate action, you can trust that visiting ISPO Munich sets things into motion


Visit stores in downtown Munich

It’s easy to combine your visit to ISPO Munich with a tour through downtown Munich – before or afterwards. Besides many specialized sports retailers, there are many other interesting stores and concepts. As a seasoned retailer you will be thrilled to check them out. Maybe you can even take some ideas back home …


Relax and celebrate our industry

After official show time, there’s plenty of booths and places where you can relax with a refreshing drink. Take some time to reflect on your day at the show, talk to people you have never met before and exchange experiences. In other words: simply enjoy the fantastic industry you are part of!

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