Sustainable sports underwear

Aclima - The Norwegian specialist for functional sports underwear made of Merino

Sustainable functional underwear for all outdoor sports. The market leader from Norway offers first- and midlayer merino products that are particularly suitable for ski tourers.

Gerade Skitourengeher schätzen die Eigenschaften der Merino Naturfaser in den Aclima Produkten
Especially ski tourers appreciate the properties of the Merino natural fiber in the Aclima products

Norway - a country of extremes. Here are probably the coldest winters and wildest conditions for people and animals, which can be endured only if you adapt to the conditions in the best possible way. For this reason, the polar bear, an inhabitant of Spitsbergen, wears a perfectly adapted thick fur that has been further developed by Mother Nature over many 1000 years. Humans, on the other hand, like Norwegian polar explorer Svante Strand, are happy to be equipped with the right functional clothing to cope with these unpredictable external conditions.
Since 1939, the Norwegian family-owned company Aclima has made it their mission to equip adventurers like Svante with the right underwear for their daily activities.

Ein Familienunternehmen. Aclima wird heute von Lars Eivind Johansen in der dritten Generation geführt. Als begeisterter Outdoor Sportler weiß er worauf es bei funktioneller Sportunterwäsche ankommt.
A family business. Today, Aclima is run by Lars Eivind Johansen in the third generation. As an avid outdoor sportsman, he knows what is important in functional sports underwear.

Whether they are ski touring, mountaineering, expedition, field hockey or biking, summer or winter, braving the outside conditions - Aclima offers you the suitable base and mid layers.
The Norwegian family company Aclima AS is in the hands of the Johansen family in Krøderen and is now run by Lars Eivind Johansen, the grandson of the founder. Since the company's inception, the manufacturer has worked with textiles made of merino wool and passed down the knowledge of the wool fiber and its processing through three generations.
Since the small Norwegian town of Krøderen is located near the Norefjell Ski Resort near Oslo, it is the perfect place for product testing and development in the great outdoors. And so the move to adapt underwear to the needs of active outdoor people was an obvious one. In 2002, the Aclima brand was finally born and has since become a specialist in functional base and mid layers for men, women and children. Staying dry and warm at all times during outdoor exercise and activity is Aclima's highest maxim. It is the best-selling merino underwear brand in Norway and has been expanding into the European market since 2015.
"Aclima combines knowledge of the market, textile fibers, knitting and design to develop functional clothing for outdoor people" says CEO Jan Eivind Johansen.

Aclima hält passende Base- und Midlayer für ganzjährige Aktivitäten, für jede Art der Bewegung und für die verschiedensten Temperaturen bereit.
Aclima has suitable base and midlayers for year-round activities, for every type of movement and for a wide range of temperatures.

Advantages of the natural fiber Merino

Wool has been keeping us warm for 500 years. It absorbs sweat, insulates heat as well as cold, is dirt-repellent and odorless. So it's no surprise that this natural material is perfect for creating the best functional underwear. For this, the Norwegian sports underwear manufacturer relies on the finest merino wool from New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania. The product designers are in close contact with local farmers and therefore have the opportunity to choose the best wool fibers. Thus, Aclima can guarantee outstanding merino wool quality completely mulesing-free. Made from wool fabrics of different weights, the collections offer excellent regulation of body climate in a wide range of weather conditions and activities. Aclima products are durable, comfortable, maximally breathable and wick moisture away. In addition to function, the brand focuses its main attention on wearing comfort, color scheme and design.

From ultra-light and soft LightWool qualities to warming, well-insulating and odor-repellent WarmWool, HotWool, WoolShell or DoubleWool fabrics, Aclima's collections offer suitable base layers and midlayers for year-round activities, for every type of movement and for the most diverse temperatures.

Aclima has already proven its special heat-regulating properties during worldwide expeditions in the most extreme conditions. Adventurers made their way to the North Pole, Antarctica, Mount Everest, Greenland or Spitzbergen with the merino underwear.

Nachhaltige Produktion in Europa
Sustainable production in Europe

Sustainability as the basis for product development

Environmental and animal protection as well as social responsibility are particularly close to the heart of the family business. Dhis is already evident in the everyday life of the company: recycling, the purchase of fair trade products and the use of public transport are on the agenda of the management and employees of Aclima.
But above all, when it comes to the product, investments are made to ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

  • Species-appropriate animal husbandry of the merino sheep
  • Complete renunciation of harmful substances in the wool
  • Oeko-Tex 100 certification of all products
  • Oeko-certification of the entire manufacturing process (non-toxic)
  • Wool is a renewable resource and also biodegradable
  • Most of the products are manufactured in the Aclima-managed production facility in Estonia: Aclima has already received awards for its humanitarian work in running its sister factory
  • Packaging: made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper since 2013.
  • Waste from wool production is given to a company that produces punching bags
  • Change from oil to gas central heating in the warehouses
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