ISPO Munich 2019/02/21/2019

Video: Women Are Increasingly in the Spotlight as a Target Group

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Women are more than ever in the focus of the sporting goods industry. Retailers and brands are increasingly relying on products developed by women for women. In the video, important industry representatives talk about this development and explain how entrepreneurs must design their products in order to attract women as buyers.

Other consumer needs - different purchasing decisions: women and men are simply different. Companies are therefore increasingly pursuing gender-specific marketing strategies and create special shopping experiences.

Monika Fiedler, organizer of ISPO Women's Lounge, said: "In general, I think that women and men shop differently and want to be assisted differently. Women really want a positive experience. We all know this about ourselves! Women don’t just march into a shop and say “I need this and that”. And especially with sportswear, women feel they are rewarding themselves because they’ve started a new sport or are gaining expertise in a sport – that’s how women are different, and the right advice is so important for a good shopping experience.”

Women Are "a Very Willing Target Group".

Product design is also adapting more and more to the needs of women. That's why it is important to ask women what they actually want right from the development stage, explained Fiedler. "Women are becoming increasingly sporty and can’t find everything they need yet. That means that when I start a sport, I also buy myself a great ski and I buy the very good equipment. Women are ready to spend money. So I would say, a very willing target group."