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MLB app pushed from the throne

Study: DAZN Is the World's Top Revenue-Generating Sports App

Which sports apps have the highest earning in the world? A study now gives the answer. In addition to the new front-runner DAZN, a Chinese app also makes it into the Top 10.

In Germany, DAZN has, among other things, broadcasting rights for the Bundesliga.
In Germany, DAZN has, among other things, broadcasting rights for the Bundesliga.

The sports streaming service DAZN has the most profitable sports app 2019, according to the "The State of Sports Apps Report" of the digital company Sensor Tower.

In the ranking, which takes app revenues in the first half of 2019 into account, DAZN climbed to the top by one position compared to the previous year, followed by the app of the US sports channel ESPN, which gained five positions, and the North American baseball league MLB and its app "MLB At Bat", which was the front runner in the past three years. With Tencent Sports there is also a Chinese sports app in the top 10.

Top 10 Sports Apps by Revenue in the First Half of 2019

PositionSports AppComparison With Previous Year
3MLB At Bat-2
5onX Hunt-1
8Tencent Sports-2
9Eurosport Player-1

Although the study does not give exact revenue figures, Sensor Tower reported already in June that the DAZN app's sales had increased by 950 percent compared to the same time last year. In May alone, the app generated revenues of 11.5 million US dollars (approx. 10.5 million EUR).

Bright Future for Sports Apps

According to the study, sports apps are generally still on the upswing: net revenues are going to break the 100 million dollar mark in the third quarter. With 74 percent of sports app sales, Apple's App Store is still the most profitable platform. However, the Google Play Store continues to gain in importance.

For the future, the study expects sales figures for sports apps to continue rising: sales of 435 million US dollars are expected by 2020. For 2023, Sensor Tower even estimates a turnover of 671 million US dollars.

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