Europe's sporting goods manufacturers and retailers move closer together

FEDAS and FESI strengthen their bond with new agreement

The Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) and the European Federation of Sporting Goods Retail Associations (FEDAS) will work even more closely together in the future. For FESI President Frank Dassler, this is the right answer to the challenges of the time.

Frank A. Dassler is the grandson of Puma founder Rudolf Dassler
FESI President Frank Dassler embraces the new agreement with FEDAS.

European sporting goods manufacturers and specialized retailers are moving closer together.

On Thursday, the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) and the European Federation of Sporting Goods Retail Associations (FEDAS) have signed a Cooperation Agreement. It is going to support both organizations in creating new operational and political cooperation schemes. Both associations expect mutual benefits to their respective members, as well as a growing representativeness of the sporting goods sector in Europe through the collaboration.

The agreement builds on a long-standing partnership between FESI and FEDAS, which are already cooperating in some areas of common interest. The new collaboration aims to further strengthen the bond by creating a long term framework agreement based on a restricted number of policy areas, in particular: digital, health, physical activity, and intellectual property.

Frank Dassler: "It is crucial for our sector to unite"

In addition, FESI and FEDAS will also collaborate on some additional case-by-case projects based on the strategic mid to long term, like for instance specific EU projects or grants.

"As the unique organization representing the legitimate interests of the sporting goods brands and retailers in Europe we are always looking for valuable partners that can help us support the growth and competitiveness of our entire sector.” says Frank Dassler, FESI’s President. “Our industry is facing many exciting opportunities and tough challenges ahead. Therefore, more than ever, it is crucial for our sector to unite and speak with one voice.” he added.

Thanks to the re-enforced collaboration Agreement, FEDAS will be able to mandate representatives to take part in the work of FESI Steering Committees such as Trade, Industry Operations, Digitalization, Corporate Responsibility, and Sport Business. The Agreement will also reinforce FEDAS participation on physical activity and sport promotion related work carried out by FESI in coordination with the European Institutions as well as other relevant stakeholders.

FEDAS President embraces new opportunities

The recently appointed Managing President of FEDAS, Michael Nendwich, explained this move: “Thanks to this comprehensive and precise Agreement, our Federation will be able to have a say in some of the developing topics for our industry, such as textile labeling, e-commerce, circular economy, Brexit, and the reduction of trade barriers.” Indeed, the new partnership will also support FEDAS political presence and advocacy activities towards the European institutions through the organization of joint meetings and the possibility for FEDAS to take an active part in some relevant political conferences.

The FESI is a representative body for the sporting goods sector in Europe. FESI engages with all European political institutions and other European authorities and bodies that are impacting the Sporting Goods industry. Moreover, FESI also represents the interest of its members vis-a-vis Sport Governing bodies such as UEFA.

The FEDAS represents the trans-border interests of specialist sports retailers forming part of associations in European countries. It provides services for members and third parties and is a dialogue partner for all questions concerning specialist sports retailing in Europe.

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