Winter sports/09/07/2022

Everything about the 2021/22 biathlon season: World Cup winners, Olympics and more

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The 2021/22 biathlon season returned to the traditional venues of Ruhpolding, Östersund and Annecy after a forced break. The 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing were another highlight. gives an overview of all World Cup winners.

Erfolgreich im Biathlon: der Schwabe Simon Schempp.
The World Cup season ran from late November 2021 to mid-March 2022.

The starting signal for the packed 2021/22 biathlon season was given in Östersund, Sweden, on 27 November. The biathlon elite was competing for the World Cup until 20 March. The 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing were another highlight of the saison. Medal decisions were on the agenda there in eleven biathlon competitions.

The champions: Quentin Fillon Maillet and Marte Olsbu Röiseland

In the men's biathlon, Quentin Fillon Maillet broke the domination of the Norwegians and won the overall World Cup. Fillon Maillet won a total of eight World Cup races. Second in the overall World Cup was the Norwegian Sturla Holm Laegreid. Sweden's Sebastian Samuelsson was third.

In the women's race, Norway's Marte Olsbu Röiseland, biathlon winner, was crowned overall World Cup winner. She won ahead of Elvira Öberg (Sweden) and Austria's Lisa Hauser.

Men's Biathlon World Cup: The winners 2021/22


27.11.202115:00Östersund (Sweden)20 km individual competitionSturla Holm Laegrid
28.11.202113:45Östersund (Sweden)10 km sprintSebastian Samuelsson
02.12.202116:30Östersund (Sweden)10 km SprintSebastian Samuelsson
04.12.202115:10Östersund (Sweden)4x7,5 km relayNorway
05.12.202115:15Östersund (Sweden)12,5 km pursuitVetle Sjastad Christiansen
10.12.202111:25Hochfilzen (Austria)10 km sprintJohannes Kühn
11.12.202112:15Hochfilzen (Austria)12,5 km pursuitQuentin Fillon Maillet
12.12.202111:45Hochfilzen (Austria)4x7,5 km relayNorway
17.12.202114:15Le Grand-Bornand (France)10 km SprintJohannes Thingnes Bö
18.12.202115:00Le Grand-Bornand (France)12,5 km pursuitQuentin Fillon Maillet
19.12.202114:45Le Grand-Bornand (France)15 km mass startEmilien Jacquelin
06.01.202214:15Oberhof (Germany)10 km SprintAlexander Logvinov
09.01.202212:30Oberhof (Germany)12,5 km PursuitQuentin Fillon Maillet
13.01.202214:30Ruhpolding (Germany)10 km SprintQuentin Fillon Maillet
15.01.202214:30Ruhpolding (Germany)4x7,5 km relayRussia
16.01.202214:45Ruhpolding (Germany)12,5 km pursuitQuentin Fillon Maillet
20.01.202214:15Antholz-Anterselva (Italy)20 km individual competitionAnton Babikov
22.01.202212:50Antholz-Anterselva (Italy)15 km mass startBenedikt Doll
23.01.202212:15Antholz-Anterselva (Italy)4x7,5 km relayNorway
04.03.202214:30Kontiolahti (Finland)4x7,5 km relayNorway
05.03.202215:30Kontiolahti (Finland)10 km SprintQuentin Fillon Maillet
06.03.202214:40Kontiolahti (Finland)12,5 km pursuitQuentin Fillon Maillet
10.03.202214:30Otepää (Estonia)10 km sprintQuentin Fillon Maillet
12.03.202213:00Otepää (Estonia)15 km mass startVetle Sjastad Christiansen
13.03.202212:30Otepää (Estonia)4x7,5 km mixed relayNorway
13.03.202215:15Otepää (Estonia)Single Mixed RelayNorway
18.03.202215:45Oslo Holmenkollen (Norway)10 km SprintSturla Holm Laegreid
19.03.202215:00Oslo Holmenkollen (Norway)12,5 km pursuitErik Lesser
20.03.202215:00Oslo Holmenkollen (Norway)15 km mass startSivert Guttorm Bakken


Biathlon World Cup: women-winners 2021/22


27.11.202111:45Östersund (Sweden)15 km individual competitionMarketa Davidova
28.11.202111:00Östersund (Sweden)7,5 km sprintHanna Öberg
02.12.202113:45Östersund (Sweden)7,5 km sprintLisa Hauser
04.12.202113:00Östersund (Sweden)10 km pursuitMarte Olsbu Röiseland
05.12.202112:35Östersund (Sweden)4x6 km relayFrance
10.12.202114:15Hochfilzen (Austria)7,5 km sprintHanna Sola
11.12.202114:15Hochfilzen (Austria)4x6 km relaySweden
12.12.202114:30Hochfilzen (Austria)10 km pursuitMarte Olsbu Röiseland
16.12.202114:15Le Grand-Bornand (France)7,5 km sprintMarte Olsbu Röiseland
18.12.202113:00Le Grand-Bornand (France)10 km pursuitElvira Öberg
19.12.202114:45Le Grand-Bornand (France)12,5 km mass startElvira Öberg
07.01.202214:15Oberhof (Germany)7,5 km sprintMarte Olsbu Röiseland
09.01.202214:45Oberhof (Germany)10 km PursuitMarte Olsbu Röiseland
12.01.202214:30Ruhpolding (Germany)7,5 km SprintElvira Öberg
14.01.202214:30Ruhpolding (Germany)4x6 km relayFrance
16.01.202212:45Ruhpolding (Germany)10 km pursuitMarte Olsbu Röiseland
21.01.202214:15Antholz-Anterselva (Italy)15 km individual competitionJustine Braisaz-Bouchet
22.01.202215:00Antholz-Anterselva (Italy)4x6 km relayNorway
23.01.202215:15Antholz-Anterselva (Italy)12,5 km mass startDorothea Wierer
03.03.202214:30Kontiolahti (Finland)4x6 km relayNorway
05.03.202212:45Kontiolahti (Finland)7,5 km SprintDenise Herrmann
06.03.202212:45Kontiolahti (Finland)10 km pursuitTiril Eckhoff
11.03.202214:30Otepää (Estonia)7,5 km sprintJulia Simon
12.03.202215:15Otepää (Estonia)12,5 km mass startElvira Öberg
13.03.202212:30Otepää (Estonia)4x7,5 km mixed relayNorway
13.03.202215:15Otepää (Estonia)Single Mixed RelayNorway
17.03.202215:45Oslo Holmenkollen (Norway)7,5 km SprintTiril Eckhoff
19.03.202212:50Oslo Holmenkollen (Norway)10 km pursuitTiril Eckhoff
20.03.202212:50Oslo Holmenkollen (Norway)12,5 km mass startJustine Braisaz-Bouchet

Mixed relays: The winners so far


08.01.202212:15Oberhof (Germany)4x7,5 km mixed relayNorway
08.01.202214:45Oberhof (Germany)Single Mixed RelayRussia


Biathlon at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games


DateTime (CET)DisciplineMen/WomenWinner
05.02.202210:004x6 km Mixed RelayMixedNorway
07.02.202210:0015 km individual competitionWomenDenise Herrmann
08.02.202209:3020 km individual competitionMenQuentin Fillon Maillet
11.02.202210:007,5 km sprintWomenMarte Olsbu Röiseland
12.02.202210:0010 km SprintMenJohannes Thingnes Bö
13.02.202210:0010 km pursuitWomenMarte Olsbu Röiseland
13.02.202211:4512,5 km pursuitMenQuentin Fillon Maillet
15.02.202210:004x7,5 km relayMenNorway
16.02.202208:454x6 km relayWomenSweden
18.02.202210:0015 km mass startMenJohannes Thingnes Bö
19.02.202210:0012,5 km mass startWomenJustine Braisaz-Bouchet