Biathlon: From fringe sport to mega event

Women and men dashing through the forest on skis, stopping now and then to fire at targets. What was historically a sporting discipline of everyday survival is now one of the most popular winter sports - the biathlon.

What is behind the extreme sport of biathlon?

Lower your pulse, lower your breathing rate, block out the world around you and shoot! Biathletes must master the challenge of remaining calm and focused after extreme stress at the shooting range. Biathlon combines not only cross-country skiing and shooting, but also physical and mental challenges. shows what top athletes have to achieve in this discipline and what Germany's favorite winter sport has to offer.

Trend sport in the snow for everyone

Combining nature and sport is a dream for many. Biathlon has developed into a trend sport that more and more cross-country skiing enthusiasts and beginners want to practice. Find out with what you need to get started, where you can practice the combined discipline even as a beginner, and what rules you need to observe.

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