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Fair Fashion Brand Cotopaxi: Everything you need to know

Coto...what? If Cotopaxi doesn't mean anything to you yet, you've come to the right place. We introduce the sustainable brand that produces colorful outdoor essentials from fabric scraps and wants to make the world a little better. How? We show you everything there is to know about fair fashion brand cotopaxi.

Frau liegt in Rucksäcken der Marke Cotopaxi
Cotopaxi makes bags, packs and apparel sustainably

It is actually pronounced as it is written. Cotopaxi. Originally it is a volcano in the Andes, which was the godfather for the name of the sustainable outdoor brand from Salt Lake City.

Doing good and outdoor clothing not only to use outside to experience adventures, whether climbing, hiking or traveling, so the basic idea of founder David Smith can be summarized. Growing up in Ecuador, the name of the company is also inspired by South America. Just as from the desire to actively combat global poverty, especially in production countries.

Donating is at the heart of the brand's business model. 1 percent of sales (which is more than one percent of profits) is donated to nonprofit partners, which include international supporters such as the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Mercy Corps. Equally, however, are scholarships and programs organized by the workers that benefit people in the production facilities, virtually "behind the seams." As a B Corporation, Cotopaxi is committed to independent ethical, social and sustainable standards and carries out every step of the production chain as responsibly as possible.

Running mit Cotopaxi Rucksack
Go outside and do good, that's what Cotopaxi wants to encourage customers to do

Colorful Instead of Index Finger

With raised forefinger the brand comes nevertheless not therefore. The colorful collections of Cotopaxi are as it were an environmentally friendly statement. This use of fabric scraps to produce new designs is in the DNA of the brand and each product becomes a limited edition. Elaborate, expensive and less sustainable? Not in the least. Cotopaxi starts here with the fabric scraps left over in factories during the production of outdoor products.

Each Cotopaxi DelDia BackPack/Bag, for example, is made 100% from fabric scraps. The scraps thus do not end up in landfills and get a second chance and shine all the more in the new Cotopaxi Bag. How the colors are combined, the workers*innen may choose, thus have a voice in the design process and bring themselves actively with.

Herstellung eines Cotopaxi Rucksacks
The final design of a backpack from the DelDia collection is decided by the sewers.

Each Backpack Is Unique

The use of fabric scraps also does not mean that these fabrics are less high quality or functional. Rather, it goes to the products deliberately colorful, when through thoughtful use and processing resources are conserved in the production of Cotopaxi article and the brand at the same time giving their special character. The BackPack/Bag collection DelDia as well as the Teca Windbreaker are made entirely of these character pieces. 

But the collections are not just individual prestige projects. Overall, 90 percent of Cotopaxi's products have a sustainable feature built in, and by 2025, all of the brand's pieces are expected to be made from 100 percent recycled or repurposed materials.

Cotopaxi for the First Time At OutDoor by ISPO

The colorful character pieces can also be admired at the OutDoor by ISPO, because Cotopaxi is this year for the first time with the party. The goal of the brand is to also grow sustainably in the European market to continue to do good as an ethical and sustainable brand and at the same time produce products that make fun and desire for even more outdoor in everyday life but also when climbing, hiking or traveling.

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