Sports Business/06/08/2017

Red Chili sold to Edelrid: Stefan Glowacz announces merger with Vaude Group

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Stefan Glowacz has commented for the first time on the takeover of Red Chili by Edelrid (Vaude Group). The 52 year old climbing star and business founder explained to that Red Chili had reached its limits, particularly with regard to the expansion of international sales and its product range. The merger with Edelrid therefore presents a huge opportunity.

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Extreme climber and entrepreneur Stefan Glowacz

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“In the last five years we have significantly developed Red Chili”, Stefan Glowacz tells “In addition to the development of a complete clothing line, we naturally reacted to the climbing and bouldering boom by expanding our range of climbing shoes.”

Edelrid and Red Chili are “an excellent match”

Glowacz continues: “We simultaneously tried to adjust our international sales to the speed and expansion of our product portfolio. There we reached our limitations.”

Edelrid and Red Chili team up (from left): Uwe Hofstädter, Albrecht von Dewitz, Stefan Glowacz, Carsten von Birckhahn and Markus Wanner.
Edelrid and Red Chili team up (from left): Uwe Hofstädter, Albrecht von Dewitz, Stefan Glowacz, Carsten von Birckhahn and Markus Wanner. Uwe Hofstädter (Founder Red Chili), Albrecht von Dewitz (Edelrid), Stefan Glowacz (Founder Red Chili), Carsten von Birckhahn (Brand Manager Edelrid), Markus Wanner (CFO Edelrid)

Through the collaboration with Edelrid Red Chili has “not only found a fantastic sales partner”, says Glowacz, but also “the product lines of both brands are an excellent match”.

Merger of “strong climbers”

Edelrid is to incorporate Red Chili’s motto (“Only climbers know what climbers need”), according to Glowacz: “What pleases me the most is the fact that the Edelrid team is largely comprised of climbers. A short while ago we had our first sales meeting together and, on the very same evening, we also had a joint boulder session at Kempten’s climbing venue. I have never seen so many strong climbers in one company.”

The motto will “not just live on, it will acquire significantly greater credibility and authenticity through both brands, which remain unchanged in their autonomy”, says Glowacz. “I am therefore very happy about this alliance, and I see a great and prosperous future ahead for Red Chili.”

Stefan Glowacz and Uwe Hofstädter founded the company over 20 years ago in order to produce their own climbing shoes under the name of Red Chili. After selling to Edelrid, the fields of brand alignment, clothing, and climbing boot development will remain under the leadership of Stefan Glowacz and Uwe Hofstädter.

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