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Open Development Platform Presents Its Solutions at the ISPO Munich

Movesense: Mini Sensors for Interactive Motion Tracking

Electronic sensors in clothing or as an extension of sports equipment are no longer a rarity. The former open innovation project Movesense is now making the measurement and recognition of data in various sports suitable for mass production. In the ISPO Brandew Village at the ISPO Munich, Movesense presents the applications of the mini-sensor.

The sensor is for example used in Volava fitness boxing.
The sensor is for example used in Volava fitness boxing

Visitors of the ISPO Munich can test for example the Volava FitBoxing Kit at the Movesense booth. With the help of Movesense sensors, performance data is measured in real time and transferred to screen, mobile phone or similar. Demos show how the motion sensors work in ice hockey or cross-country skiing. On Tuesday, 28.1. there will also be the opportunity to test the sensor technology during weight training. Then Movesense partner Evomo will present its products.

Movesense is an open development platform for motion-sensitive electronic applications. Sport watch expert Suunto from Finland has developed the sensor, drawing on its long experience in hardware and detector technology. The sensor can detect and measure 8000 sports, creating new business models for sports, wellness and research. Now Movesense is looking for business partners.


Movesense in the ISPO Brandnew Village

The shock and water resistant mini-sensor can run applications as specified by the manufacturer. As with a mobile phone, developers can integrate the device into their products and evaluate the measured data. Instead of sending raw data, the sensor sends the results of the motion evaluation. "With Movesense, it’s possible to build new sensor solutions for sports and health without having to invest on hardware development," says Terho Lahtinen of Movesense.

The Movesense booth at ISPO Munich is located in the ISPO Brandew Village at booth BN02/B4. Further information is also available at ISPO Open Innovation.


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