Sports Business/01/30/2018

Professor Fischer: “Manufacturers and retailers must tackle digital transformation right now“

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Karl Peter Fischer took a walk around ISPO Munich 2018 – he likes what he saw at the world’s largest sports trade fair. And then he asks the spectators during his lecture on the ISPO Digitize stage: Are the exhibitors really ready for digitalization?“

Professor Karl Peter Fischer has developed the Digital Readiness Check for ISPO and presents it on the ISPO Digitize stage. This allows companies to check the degree of digitization they have achieved. 

You should really have a look at this critical question, as Karl Peter Fischer is a university and college professor and owner of a marketing agency specialized in E-commerce and online marketing. Surveys had revealed that 63 percent of middle-sized companies still do not have any digital strategy,” reports Fischer. “Many still do not have a profile on Google Maps or – that’s alarming.”

Everyone agrees that the future is digital. Those who are still a long way off from using the options provided by digital transformation also believe so, too. But how should you go about it without having to immediately spend enormous amounts of money? 

With a tool that Fischer has developed for ISPO: The Digital Readiness Check not only helps sports companies to determine their position but also provides tips. Anonymously and free of charge.

How ISPO’s Digital Readiness Check works

The basis of ISPO’s Digital Readiness Check is the content analysis of 71 similar checks which Fischer and his team have examined in depth. The result is “a simple toolkit for non-specialized, Board-level management and executives,” explains Fischer. The check ensures “that they have an overview of all aspects of issues related to digital transformation on the radar, but do not delve any deeper into individual issues at this initial stage.”

Benefit from digitization

Karl Peter Fischer has also realized something as a private citizen: “Retail is in a state of shock-induced paralysis in front of the Amazon snake, “ he says, but is also encouraging at the same time: “It’s still not too late to be able to benefit from digitization. However, you need to tackle it right now. Otherwise, it really is too late“

Take ISPO’s free Digital Readiness Check!

How fit is your company for the future? The ISPO Digital Readiness Check will you the digital maturity level of your company in real time.