Everything You Need to Know about The ISPO Award

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Thinking about entering your product or service for the ISPO Award? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about participation and the benefits associated with the ISPO Award.

The ISPO Award is one of the most prestigious prizes in the sports industry - and its new concept has given it even more news value and charisma. At the same time, the new application process has become simpler and more transparent. In a recent webinar with applicants, we clarified the most important questions that remained unanswered. Here we summarize the answers once again - for everyone who is also considering participating in the ISPO Award.

What is the ISPO Award?

The ISPO Award is a seal of quality for the sports industry, the media and the end consumer. It serves both retail buyers and consumers as a guide for their purchasing decisions. Submitted products and services are regularly evaluated by a jury of professional sports journalists and Consumer Experts. Wondering what a Consumer Expert is? They are consumers with a high level of involvement in sports who are regularly recruited from the ISPO Collaborators Club.

What is the idea behind the ISPO Award?

Outstanding products and services should receive special attention! The ISPO Award therefore increases their visibility for the industry, media, and consumers and offers enormously flexible communication opportunities for its winners. In this way, it serves as an incentive for more innovations and higher quality and ensures significantly more visibility for all market participants worldwide.

Can only exhibitors of ISPO Munich or OutDoor by ISPO apply? Or do you first have to register as an exhibitor at ISPO Munich or OutDoor by ISPO in order to be able to apply?

No, any brand can register its innovative product or service for the ISPO Award - independently of registering as an exhibitor at one of our trade shows.

Gewinner des Public Choice Award auf der OutDoor by ISPO 2022: Der Peak 35 Hochtouren-Rucksack von Ortovox.

Can products or services that have not yet been launched also be submitted for the ISPO Award?

Yes, products and services can be submitted even if they have not yet been launched. When applying, there is the option to specify a date for the start of communication. In case of a win, we will not communicate or publish anything before this date.

Nevertheless, the win can already be used for the sell-in: Each winning product / service receives a certificate that confirms the win and thus serves as an argument even without public communication.

When must the application be submitted in order for an award-winning product to be exhibited at ISPO Munich?

Basically, the applicants have the choice at which of our two trade fairs (ISPO Munich or OutDoor by ISPO) the winning products should be exhibited. This selection allows the awarded products/services to be exhibited appropriately for the target group. The next possible trade show for the winners of the third and fourth quarter 2022 is ISPO Munich 2022 at the end of November.

What is important for a successful application?

Most important of all - as previous jury meetings have shown - is the video. Because: in one and a half to two minutes, the jury hears in a compact and condensed form what is special and innovative about the product/service and why, from the brand's point of view, it should be honored with an ISPO Award.

This video can be recorded with a cell phone and does not have to be professionally edited. The main thing is that the advantages of the product are clearly stated.

Die ISPO Award Jury
ISPO Award Jury: Regina Henkel, Florian von Stuckrad, Jens Häußler, Lukas Ollert, Monika Frenger, Christina Rabl, Andi Spieß, Martina Wengenmeir and Christoph Beaufils
Image credit:
Dirk Spath

Who is the jury? How many jury members are there?

The jury consists of three trade journalists and three representatives of the ISPO Collaborators Club. These bring the consumer perspective into the jury's judgment, and the winners of an ISPO Award can be sure that their innovation will also resonate with consumers.

What benefits are included in the communication package for 5900€?

Winners of an ISPO Award can look forward to a whole range of benefits to help them communicate at the POS, to the press, to retailers and to end consumers. These include:

The communication package only has to be paid for in the event of an award. Those who do not win only pay a handling fee of 100€.

What is the ISPO Award Magazine?

The printed ISPO Award Magazine has a circulation of over 20,000 and is handed out to all visitors of ISPO Munich / Outdoor by ISPO. Each product that is on display at the respective ISPO Award exhibition area receives another full-page article in the magazine. A look into the magazine.

You can also find out more in the recording of our ISPO Award webinar: