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Louisa Smith

Jury Unanimous in Blanket Offering of Sustainability for the Fall/Winter 21/22 Season

ISPO Textrends Jury Meeting Highlights Accelerated Sourcing

Textile and trims for Fall/Winter 21/22 are set to get brand developers and design teams off to a good start for sourcing, as the ISPO Textrends jury selected over 400 products from 10 sectors to feature at ISPO Munich 2020 in January.  The jury was unanimous as to the level of sustainability sweeping alls sectors on offer. From base to outer, insulation to trims and accessories, to name but a few, sustainability could be seen without. 

Yes or No? Final decisions made by the ISPO Textrends jury in awarding the final products.
Yes or No? Final decisions made by the ISPO Textrends jury in awarding the final products.

How do you qualify sustainability? Recycled yarn remains important but there is much more to the developments that will ensure the future of the performance sector, with the ISPO Textrends jury noting significant elements of reduced waste, circular economy, time-saving processes, water and energy-saving to name a few processes incorporated across all sectors.

For this continuing evolution, with the awareness of climate change, the Accelerated Eco sector highlights the latest innovations that are set to take sustainability to the next level and, confirming the industry's unification in moving towards a cleaner future.

“Sustainability is a massive issue here, it is not a surprise as it goes with the wellbeing and it goes with the current market situation that everyone is stressing. The fashionability side and the performance side are going to merge, there is going to be more and more hybrid garments. I think it was very interesting to see sportswear finishes on traditional fabrics, this for me is a new direction in hybrid dressing and I expect to see much more,” said David Shah, Editor in Chief, VIEW. 

Discover more than 240 textile products as well as the complete trend information and color palettes for Fall/Winter 2022/23 and Spring/Summer 2023.

The digital Trendbook features:
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A Creatively Strong Season in all Sectors

Despite the obvious investment from companies in developing new sustainable products, creativity has not been overlooked, as innovative prints, fabric structures, and color combinations feature. The Street Sports sector conveys this strong sense of style and function, delivering the right performance fabrics for the consumer’s ever-changing urban life.

“The diversity of the producers and the suppliers coming in, having access to other hands, to other textile sensations and also seeing different developments, I think that is a visible change stepping forward,” said Ali Ansari, Designer with reference to the increase in the developments in Street Sports.

Trims and accessories also step into the spotlight, bringing a high level of eco-conscious style in delivering customized designs. “I really noticed in the trims and accessories sector there were some interesting ones. Being able to customize and add detail when using a good base fabric, you can make it your own,” said Anna Mack from bluesign. 

A seasonal meeting of textile minds - this season's Jury members sharing knowledge in judging the latest developments.
A seasonal meeting of textile minds - this season's Jury members sharing knowledge in judging the latest developments.

Bestselling Basics

Basics, especially in base layers, a seasonal staple of the industry, will always feature through all the categories, but when you look at them closely for the season at the content and the construction you can see that these best selling fabrics hold the key to high-level innovation and performance. 

“As usual I saw interesting things, I realized that this is the first season that I found a lot of essential basics. And sometimes they aren’t really basic if you read the description they are different, you have to think a bit more, you have to dig inside a bit more, that is the new attitude we have to have when we look at these things,” said Giusy Bettoni, CEO of C.L.A.S.S.

Developments in the insulation sector impressed the jury, invisible to the eye, each season this essential winter ingredient goes from strength to strength, comprised of synthetic and natural ingredients.

Testing performance at the ISPO Textrends Jury Meeting.
Testing performance at the ISPO Textrends Jury Meeting.

Visit the ISPO Textrends Hub in the Newly Allocated HALL C1

The ISPO Textrends Hub will display all the awarded products that the jury decided on. In addition, the traditional seasonal trendbook has had a makeover, now available in a lighter format that allows for much more efficient use.  The content continues to showcase all the product information selected by the jury, complete with direct contact details, composition, target markets and illustrated by the most realistic product photos available. 

Additionally, the complete set of colors and trend directions for Fall/Winter 21/22 are included in the trendbook with a unique preview of Spring/Summer 2022, with the results of this emerging season to be shown in full at OutDoor by ISPO.

With all awarded participants featured at the  ISPO Textrends Hub at ISPO Munich and ISPO Beijing, the inspirational ISPO Textrends book is the perfect partner for sourcing 365 days a year

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Louisa Smith
Louisa Smith