Haglöfs Restored: Second hand gear, first hand adventures

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Buy better, buy less has become a mantra in reducing waste. And in line with that, last year’s pilot program Haglöfs Restored has been officially launched. The aim with this new second hand collection is to extend the life of useful Haglöfs gear and give it a chance to experience a new lifetime of adventures.

Klamotten von Haglöfs eingepackt

Moving towards the circular economy

Haglöfs Restored is a collection of second hand performance gear that’s just as functional and good- looking as the brand’s regular collection, but with the added benefit of reducing waste, carbon emissions and water use—while keeping still-premium materials out of landfill longer. It’s one of several initiatives Haglöfs is taking to extend the useful life of their gear and move away from the linear take-make-waste model toward a more circular one.

Haglöfs Jacke wird genäht
Garments are inspected, repaired and washed by TRW for Haglöfs before resale.
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TRW for Haglöfs

“Lots of resources including energy, water, and raw materials go into making our gear,” said Elaine Gardiner, Head of Sustainability at Haglöfs. “Every time we can extend the life of the product through good product care, repair or restoration, we know we have made better use of the resources that went into it in the first place. And, even more importantly, we avoid another product being produced with a whole lot of new resources.”

ISPO Textrends Benefits Fall/Winter
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Collaboration—partnerships are crucial in engaging in new ideas

To bring Haglöfs Restored to life, Haglöfs partnered up with The Renewal Workshop, a leading provider of circular solutions for clothing and textile brands. Whether previously worn, returned, damaged or defective, all products arriving at The Renewal Workshop factory in Amsterdam are inspected, washed, and restored up to standards before they are resold and can continue their journey with their new  owner.

Good as new—pre-loved garments are given a new lease of life.
Image credit:
TRW for Haglöfs

“A crucial insight for every brand is that 82% of the products we assess in our factories could be cleaned, repaired and resold,” says Jeff Denby, Co-Founder of The Renewal Workshop. “With Haglöfs Restored, we are making the most of what we already have. Consumers who buy a Haglöfs Restored item are not only getting high quality performance gear but are also contributing to a less wasteful world.”

Consumers can, of course, also contribute to the Haglöfs Restored initiative by dropping off any unwanted Haglöfs clothing at any of the brand’s own stores and Haglöfs will help ensure it is put to the best possible use.

Recycelte Kleidung von Haglöfs wird neu verpackt
Buying a Haglöfs Restored item means getting high quality performance gear plus contributing to a less waste.
Image credit:
TRW for Haglöfs
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