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AMA Stay: Creative Basecamp in the Dolomites

Martina Wengenmeir

Do you love your work but also adore holidays and mountains? Then, the term "workation" is certainly not alien to you. Integrating nature as a creative lever and a source of inspiration into everyday work life is a concept embraced not only by many freelancers and remote workers but also by companies and teams. AMA Stay, operating as both an Apart Hotel and a community, offers everything needed for creative and productive work.

How do we know this? We tested it ourselves during the ISPO Award Jury Meeting in September 2023. Simultaneously, we interviewed AMA Stay Managing Director Markus Promberger about the concept. "We are not a wellness or family hotel," explains Markus Promberger, who, along with his brother Klaus, opened AMA Stay in December last year. "We recognized the trend of mobile work and aim to become the basecamp for innovators in the Alps as an aparthotel. Creative minds can find a place here where they can work on their ideas and projects with nature as their backdrop."

Perfect for us as the ISPO Award Jury to assess the latest products and enjoy active breaks in the surroundings, testing innovations in real-time. AMA Stay is located near Kronplatz in St. Vigil, close to the Dolomites and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated in the village centre, it provides an ideal starting point for work and exploring the surrounding mountains.


AMA Stay caters to digital nomads who value comfort, quality, and a certain level of luxury, in contrast to backpackers on a budget travelling through Southeast Asia. Guests include freelancers such as art directors, photographers, and coaches, as well as many companies. With more than 60 nationalities, including guests from Norway, the Netherlands, the USA, and even Burundi, the atmosphere in the hotel is truly international.

AMA Stay offers the perfect Dolomite office for teams and digital nomads.

In addition to Italian and English, the official languages at the hotel, guests are surrounded by Ladin, the local language in the valley. In total, AMA Stay has 80 units; the typical guest is relatively young, and the communication within the hotel is informal and friendly. The team also fosters a familial and cheerful atmosphere, emphasizing meaningful work and passion for one's job. Excellent food and fine wines complement the guests' stay.

Dolomite Destination for Digital Nomads, Freelancers, and Off-Sites

However, the workation destination in Gadertal is far from being just a business hotel. Since its opening at the end of 2022, the facility offers not only hotel rooms but also apartments, providing various options for accommodation. Long stays, lasting for a month or several weeks, are also welcomed. "In the last month, we had some guests who opted for long stays and rented our co-working spaces for an extended period. Some work in the evenings and spend their days in nature. Regardless of when someone goes outside, everyone appreciates the combination of proximity to nature and the focus on their own projects," shares AMA Stay Director Markus Promberger. In addition to individual bookings, companies inquire about team events, sometimes occupying the entire hotel. AMA Stay offers an ideal off-site location with modern technology, flexible workspaces of varying sizes, a rooftop spa with a sauna and infinity pool, and the opportunity to go outside together. Team bonding during shared mountain experiences through biking or hiking creates a strong team dynamic and provides valuable takeaways for their regular office environment.

Co-working spaces provide room for exchange as well as focus on individual projects.

For the Community: Input on Mental Health during Community Days

For many digital nomads and solo travellers on workation, connection and interaction are crucial. Whether it's feedback on their own ideas or a brief chat over coffee, community, meaningful conversations, and networking with like-minded individuals are essential. Therefore, the first AMA Community Days from October 17th to 21st focus on this aspect. Through engaging workshops, inspirational talks, and wonderful activities, the central theme of Mental Health will be explored. These days serve as a shared space for networking, learning, knowledge sharing, and personal growth. The AMA Community Days are more than just a frontal event; they represent an inspirational journey, delving deep into complex topics and collaborative work.

The programme includes activities such as yoga and morning hikes, shared meals, such as dinner with live music, and, of course, exciting keynote speeches. Former ski racers Manfred and Manuela Mölgg and Werner Heel, for instance, will speak about mental health in professional sports. Additionally, there will be more lectures and workshops.

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