New Products/02/02/2021


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For Winter 2021, Helly Hansen has further pushed the use of Mono Material in both the Ski and Urban collection. The W Mono Material Puffy Parka is one of the highlight products of the Urban collection. Built on the idea of making garment recycling easier, this super comfortable women's puffy coat combines Urban design lines with singular material construction. The entire jacket, except the zipper slider, is made of polyester that can easily be recycled.

Women's Mono Material Puffy Parka

First launched in the Fall/Winter 2020 collection, the Mono Material line is designed with a garment’s entire life cycle in mind. Each product is made from 100% polyester, making them a better resource in a circular system where the goal is textile-to-textile recycling. When recycled into new materials, mono materials maintain a higher quality than mixed fibers, and for consumers, these singular material garments are resilient and easier to care for, delivering longer-lasting performance and protection.


The classic warm and long puffy coat for women within the sustainable and recycle friendly Mono Material concept.

  • Mono material
  • Synthetic insulation
  • Hood with drawcord
  • Hand pockets with fleece lining and YKK® zip closure
  • HH® embroidery logo on sleeve
  • Inner pocket with button closure

The toned-down, minimalistic Mono Material line is designed with the garment’s entire life cycle in mind. The ideal life cycle of a garment goes like this: Source –> Design –> Wear –> Pass –>  Patch –>  Recycle. Since 1877, Helly Hansen has had a focus on designing long-lasting products, but the infrastructure to fully accommodate a circular design process wasn’t developed. Now, as new technologies are opening up new opportunities, our long-term goal is to take end-of-life into consideration at the design stage for all products we make.

As much as 80% of a garment’s environmental footprint is determined in the design phase. In this phase, Helly Hansen specifies materials and constructions dictating the footprint upstream in the supply chain but also the footprint at end-of-use for the product, which doesn’t have to be end-of-life for the material. By constructing the garment in one material, the garment can be recycled and the material can be used again in new textiles.

Click here to find out more about the Mono Material concept.