Innovations and Start-Ups at ISPO Munich 2019

Video: ISPO Brandnew Is Truely Spectactular

ISPO Brandnew stands for things new, for start-up, for innovation. ISPO Brandnew is the world's largest platform for sporting newcomers. And it's a stepping stone. The products of former award winners such as GoPro, Nixon or Maloja are known all over the world today. Get impressions of ISPO Brandnew at the ISPO Munich 2019 in the video.

The ISPO Brandnew jury was honestly impressed by the participants in 2019. Nina Eichinger, presenter and actress: "It's incredibly nice to see this spirit of innovation. Here, you'll find highly motivated, mostly or often young people, but also older people who really believe in their product, who have invented what they love. And it's not only a competition at all, everyone goes from booth to booth and says: 'Wow, that's awesome' and 'I didn't even think of that'. You acclaim each other and that's incredibly beautiful."

A New Sports on Snow

Think sports differently, have courage, be innovative... Just like Snowfeet. The boys invented a new sports. The boards are light, small and on snow something between skiing and skating. Zbyněk Šuba, co-founder of Snowfeet says: "You ride them in your winter boots or snowboard boots. You strap them on and ride down the mountain. They are for cross-country skiing or for downhill skiing. On the slopes or off them."

If you are more interested in water, you should grab the electric surfboard from Awake. Gustav Kjellberg, Marketing Coordinator of Awake: "We have a remote control here. One throttle to activate it. And then you're good to go." On the hydrodynamic carbon fuselage you can ride waves with up to 56 km/h.

Convert thinks: Feet belong in pedals. Whether from trekking bikes, racing bikes or mountain bikes. "The convert FF1 was actually born out of necessity. My colleague Kunz, with whom I developed the bicycle, had a small apartment of 50 square meters where he lived with his wife. And she regularly complained that one or more of his bicycles were standing in the living room," said company founder Florian Roebbeling. "And then we had the idea of building a bike that could do anything. From racing bikes to mountain bikes." Whatever tour you feel like taking, the Convert bike can be converted in five minutes.

Practical and ingenious - not only for the narrow city apartment. It couldn't be easier. Two French adventurers have designed the lightest two and a half person tent of Samaya. The lower and upper tent are combined in one material layer. But the real highlight: The rods were replaced by inflatable tubes. You can apply for the ISPO Brandnew 2020 from the middle of the year. The world of sports can already look forward to a host of innovations.

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