Responsible for the German Football League on Facebook: Digital Marketing with Potential

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Which companies are offering exciting sports jobs, where can you combine digital expertise with passion for sport, what skills are needed for that? As part of a new series at the start of the Bundesliga season, is introducing individuals with particularly exciting jobs – at FC Bayern, at Adidas, and even at Facebook. “My sports job”, part 3: Daniel Kramer works among social media giants – and in doing so is responsible for clubs in the German Football League (Bundesliga). 

Soccer in social media: Daniel Kramer is responsible for Bundesliga clubs on Facebook.
Soccer in social media: Daniel Kramer is responsible for Bundesliga clubs on Facebook.

The now 29-year-old Daniel Kramer worked at the European Championship for UEFA in 2008, was employed by various consulting agencies, and has also been a freelancer. Since November 2015, he has worked for Facebook Germany GmbH as a Client Solutions Manager.

“My sports job,” part 3: Five short questions with Daniel Kramer.

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What do you do in the sports business?
As a Facebook employee in Germany, I supervise customers from the e-commerce and sports industries. That includes mostly professional clubs from the Bundesliga.

How did you get into that?
It was always my goal to find work in the sports industry. To achieve this, I started to build up a good network (above all in the field of soccer) from the very beginning of my career. In doing so I’ve had the chance to integrate these networks into my daily work little by little.

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What are the most important skills that you bring to your job?
1. Understanding of online/digital/social media marketing

2. Knowledge of the current industry and an outlook for the future

3. A strong relationship of trust with customers/clubs/athletes/suppliers

3 essential things that you would recommend for beginners in the sports business.

1. Be bold. If it’s your wish or dream to be involved in the sports business, seek out opportunities.
2. Network. Build up a network and establish those first contacts in the sports industry.
3. Be outstanding. Everyone who is engaged in something wants to be successful. Make it your aim to stand out in a positive way. People should remember you!

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What development opportunities do you see in the sports business in the coming years, both in general and for you personally?
Traditional marketing channels (e.g. merchandising and ticket sales) still dominate the sports industry, and in many cases, digital marketing capabilities are not used to their full potential. However, I see a lot of future potential here for clubs and suppliers to achieve their marketing goals in full.

This development will also be very exciting for me personally. It’s a great feeling to see clubs and companies grow, improve and become more successful.

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