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Raphael Brinkert (left) and German former national soccer player Christoph Metzelder are managing directors of Jung von Matt/sports.
As part of a new series, is introducing the movers and shakers of the sports business and their jobs. “My sports job,” part 4: Raphael Brinkert is founder of Jung von Matt/sports.

Soccer in social media: Daniel Kramer is responsible for Bundesliga clubs on Facebook.
As part of a new series at the start of the Bundesliga season, is introducing individuals with particularly exciting jobs – at FC Bayern, at Adidas, and even at Facebook. “My sports job,” part 3: Daniel Kramer works among social media giants – and in doing so is responsible for clubs in the Bundesliga. 

Parcel stations marked the beginning – it is likely that deliveries will soon be undertaken by drones.
For years, almost every aspect of retail has revolved around technical matters – discussions center around e-commerce, multi-channel solutions and no-line commerce. In doing so, the focus has drifted away from the customer’s requirements.