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Products for Outdoor Chefs Who Want to Conjure More with Less

Kleiner Kocher mit Dosenwurst
  • June 25, 2019

If you hike far, you must eat well. Here are nine products that will also help outdoor minimalists to prepare even better dishes on the go with little weight and space required.

If you want to have the opportunity to cook really well after a long day outdoors, you can now get by with just a few hundred grams of extra weight: The products are designed to be extremely space-saving and optimized for every application - from barbecuing on the lake shore to fast snacks in storms. OutDoor Society presents nine products and sets with which you can be perfectly equipped at the summer alpine lake or during a hike at the Arctic Circle.

Der perfekte Begleiter fürs Picknick: das Messerset von Opinel

Hot Classics: Picnic Knives
The Nomad set from Opinel is perfect for spontaneous picnics, boat trips or camping trips with its weight of only 470 gram. It consists of three knives and a small cutting board. It consists of three knives and little cutting board. Included are the 12 mm Opinel with serrated edges as all-round knife, the 10 mm Opinel with an integrated corkscrew and the small Opinel in size 6 for peeling work. The handles of the knives are made of European beech, the blades are made of stainless steel.

Opinel - Nomad Kit Camping Cooking Set,470 grams

Alles dabei: Kochset Soloist Complete

The One-Man Cooking Set: The Solo Entertainer
The compact cooking set for solo trekkers is designed according to the Matroschka principle. It includes a pot, a bowl, a spoon, a mobile washbasin and a gas cooker that can be stacked inside each other. With just 296 grams, the initial need for cooking utensils can be covered.

GSI - Pinnacle Soloist Complete, 296 Grams

Beim Alpin Deluxe Küchenset bleiben keine Wünsche offen

Completely: The Kitchen Set

The MSR Kitchen Set is a fairly well-equipped pocket-sized kitchen: the set consists of a folding grater that can also be used as a sieve, spatula, spoon, corkscrew and a moisture-repellent salt and pepper shaker. You can neatly shred your ingredients with the 4.5 inch long kitchen knife made of 440 carbon steel and the cutting board supplied. Particularly practical: thanks to the dishtowel and brush, the dishes are washed cleanly.

MSR - Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set,640 grams

Der tragbare Campingstuhl von Helinox wiegt nur 860 Gramm

Back-Friendly: The Portable Camping Chair

The Helinox Chair One is a great option for multi-day hikes. The set consists only of an aluminium rod and a seat cover, packed together, it is less than twenty centimetres in size. The stool is ideal for fishing or camping - and for any campfire near or far from civilization.

Helinox - Chair One,860 grams

Rund 800 Gramm leicht: Das WindBurner Stove System

Stormy Alternative: The All-Weather Cooking Set

The pot of the WindBurner Stove System fits 2.5 litres: in the 20 centimetre pan, you can even turn pancakes. The set can easily be stowed away thanks to the retractable handle, fuel cartridge and cooker fit into the pot. A special pressure regulator ensures that the cooker heats the food reliably even in windy conditions.

MSR - WindBurner Stove System Combo, 831 grams

Der Grillrost von Relags ist klappbar und 400 Gramm leicht

Hinged: The Grill Grate

The anti-disposable grill: The Basic by Relags is a folding stand grate that weighs only 400 grams and is large enough for two steaks or several skewers.

Relags - BasicNature folding grill "Basic", 400 grams

Klein und leicht: Der PocketRocket-Kocher

Basic Research: The Mini Cooker

Coffee in three and a half minutes? The PocketRocket provides hikers with the essentials. Because of the insulated handle, the small pot can also be used as a drinking vessel. In addition, the individual parts of this mini cooker can be stacked with matching crockery and thus fit into a smaller backpack.

MSR - PocketRocket 2 Mini Stove Kit, 286 grams

Das Grillgitter von Light my fire of Sweden eignet sich besonders gut für Fisch und Steaks

Collapsible: The Grill Grille

A large pike does not fit in here, but smaller trout or grilled meat can be prepared over an open fire with this grill grid. The grille weighs only 106 grams and can be adjusted in height for different volumes of food. Then simply attach it to a stick and hold it over the fire.

Light my fire of Sweden - Grandpa's Firegrill, 106 grams

Die Proviantdose aus Stahl eignet sich auch zum Transport von Angelzeug

Steels: The Supply Box

The light stainless steel food tin is perfect for perishable ingredients. Due to the stable design you can also store photo accessories or the first aid kit shockproof. So that nothing falls out, two roll clamps hold the lid on the can. Capacity: 1.2 litres.

Relags - BasicNature Supply Box,290 grams

Photos - Robert Pupeter