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Healthy Breakfast - 5 Tips for Adults and Children

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It has to be quick, healthy, and equally appealing to children and parents - a lot is expected of breakfast for families. From shakes and egg burgers to fruit porridge: ideas for healthy morning meals that can be adapted to the tastes of young and old with just a few ingredients.

Whether sweet or savory, for appetite-less morning grouches or starving whiz kids - a healthy breakfast on a normal weekday must above all be easy to handle, to spoon, to drink or to eat in bite-sized pieces with the fingers. Even the classic sandwich becomes more appetizing this way. Cut rolls or slices of bread into small pieces, dab little decorations of honey, soft fruit or chives on them - and the bland jam, cheese or sausage sandwich becomes an interesting tower for the youngest. However, for it to contribute to healthy eating, it needs good ingredients above all.

How to Make a Healthy Breakfast for Adults and Children!

  1. Healthy components: dark bread, fresh fruit and vegetables.
  2. Enjoy the healthy breakfast warm: oatmeal
  3. Egg burgers and cheese skewers
  4. Wraps as a healthy breakfast
  5. Quick and healthy breakfast: shakes

Components for a Healthy Breakfast

Basically, dark bread is healthier than light, so rye is better than wheat. In ground form, whole grain bread is already suitable for small children. The mix of whole grains, fresh fruit or vegetables and milk is considered optimal. Regardless of whether someone loves sweet or savory, the whole grain bread is first spread with neutral cottage cheese or cream cheese. One then tops the whole thing with slices of banana or strawberry or with honey, the other with salt and pepper, chives or cress. All the prerequisites for a healthy breakfast are already in place.


Enjoy the Healthy Breakfast Warm

Hot breakfast is becoming more and more popular in the wake of enthusiasm for fitness and health. Not only all types of preparation of eggs and egg dishes are meant. Above all, the classic porridge is coming back into fashion. It is now no longer called gruel or porridge, but porridge. The classic porridge recipe from Scotland consists of oats, but there are also modern variants with spelt or millet. The combination of cereals and milk is considered the most complete for a healthy breakfast. If you don't like or can't tolerate milk, you can also swell the cereal with warm orange or grape juice. Finely chopped fruit and natural yogurt add a fresh touch to the satisfying porridge. Soaked dried fruit, raisins, nuts and seeds are also an asset to a healthy diet, as are many spices, especially foreign ones. With turmeric, for example, the porridge can not only be dyed yellow, but also be heartily modified. With sweet variants generally be sparing with sugar: vanilla, cinnamon, agave syrup and honey are considered healthier alternatives. Finally, sprinkle on some cocoa powder - this works wonders for children.


Egg Burger and Cheese Skewers

To entice children and teenagers to eat healthy, little tricks help. Kindergarteners and elementary school students are happy to see bread decorated with a face made of fruit or raw vegetables. Older children and teenagers accept healthy food more easily if it comes in the form of their favorite food. Try an egg burger, for example. To make it, whisk eggs, lightly salt them and fry them in a small pan in a little fat until high and thick, or then cut out rounds and place them between halves of a toasted whole-wheat toast bun. If desired, the egg can be varied with pieces of tomato, chives, cress, lean ham cubes or the like. Lettuce leaf, cucumber or tomato slices and possibly a few thin slices of crispy bacon make the breakfast burger perfect.

For younger children, a healthy breakfast often comes in the form of small skewers with mozzarella balls and mini tomatoes, and many also love cheese cubes and grapes. For sweet tooths, simply skewer fresh fruit, such as banana slices and strawberries.


Wraps as a Healthy Breakfast

For both small and large family members easy and simple to eat is a wrap, a wrapped dough patty. You can make it yourself or buy it ready-made and just heat it briefly without fat in a coated pan in the morning. Then just spread some butter on it, or honey, jam, cream cheese, herbs, grated cheese, thinly sliced cooked ham, chicken or turkey breast ..., roll it up, cut it several times and serve it as appetizers. Use skewers or toothpicks to hold the rolls together better. If you want to fill the wrap more generously, for example with lettuce and bell pepper strips, just cut it in half and wrap one side in aluminum foil so that the cut is visible. A sophisticated variation is to spread the patty with a combination of peanut butter and mild ajvar.


Quick and Healthy Breakfast: Shakes

Liquid food in the form of healthy smoothies and drinking yogurt can be combined perfectly and varied as desired as a health shake with milk, buttermilk, (fresh) juices and fast-swelling cereal flakes. The smaller the children, the sweeter, i.e. riper, the fruit used for a healthy breakfast should be. Bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mango and pineapple are ideal, as are any combinations of these. Carrots, on the other hand, are not usually well received by children. Berry fruit can also have been frozen. And garnished with a thick drinking straw, the shake tastes even better to children.

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