Sports Business/12/09/2020

These Are the Top Newcomers in the Sports Industry

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For 20 years ISPO Brandnew, the world's largest platform for sporty start-ups, has been finding and choosing the top newcomers in the sports industry. This year, a total of 30 young companies can look forward to being recognized as winners and selected brands. They will all present themselves at the purely virtual ISPO Munich 2021 (February 1 to 5), where the ten winners will compete in a digital live pitch for the title of overall winner.

ISPO Brandnew Winner 2020

“The role of ISPO Brandnew has never been more important than it is today,” says Franziska Zindl, Head of ISPO Award & Innovations at Messe München.

“Under the current conditions, it is particularly challenging for start-ups to establish themselves in the sports industry and penetrate the market. We offer them a prestigious platform and stage for their ideas. We also give the industry orientation and retailers specific new suggestions for possible diversification, for example.”

Winners at ISPO Brandnew reflect diversity of the industry

In order to give space to the inventive talent and the often unconventional ideas of the start-up scene, the jury has decided not to score in predetermined categories. The ten winners, like all of the submissions, cover all kinds of disciplines and concepts – from winter sports to fitness, yoga and water sports, from accessories to clothing and hardware, as well as software solutions.

But one thing was apparent with all of the applications: Sustainability and climate neutrality are an established part of the companies’ philosophies and the inventors are taking them to the next level.

The winning companies will make their grand entrance at the digital edition of ISPO Munich, from February 1 to 5, 2021. Both the 10 winners and the 20 selected brands will present themselves in their own virtual showrooms (brand rooms). On Monday, February 1, the first of them will also make their pitches for the title of overall winner live in front of an online audience.

The ISPO Brandnew 2021 Winners at a Glance

Agogic (Italy, 2020)

Weatherproof 2.0 – with its Agogic Outerwear product line, the start-up Agogic is bringing classic rainwear, outdoor lifestyle and athleisure luxury to the big city. The target group includes active, working women between 30 and 50 years old. The products combine timeless classic design and robust, sustainably produced material into a unique modular layering. To extend the lifecycle of each piece of clothing, Agogic also offers a repair and buyback system.

ajuma (Germany, 2019)

Individualized sun protection for every skin type – thanks to the UV-Bodyguard, sunburns are a thing of the past. The little UV measuring device from the start-up ajuma can be worn on a wristband or attached to a backpack. Working together with the app for Android or iOS, the UV-Bodyguard shows the current UV intensity in real time, the individual UV exposure, the personal UV dose and the remaining time the user can remain in the sun without harm.

AUFTRIIB (Switzerland, 2019)

Like big paws: CRAMPOW is a combination of crampons and snow shoe. The Swiss start-up AUFTRIIB has developed this climbing support especially for ski mountaineers and freeriders. On the last few meters to the summit these wide and light plates give the user a boost in the deep snow, while the integrated front teeth offer the grip of crampons, even on massive patches of ice. The carbon fiber compound panels come with a stable and light strap system and are easy to store. Depending on the package, €20 to €60 will be donated to POW (Protect Our Winters) Switzerland.

AYAQ (Switzerland, 2020)

Sustainable, elaborate, clever – the start-up AYAQ is a new brand for ecological and functional ski touring clothing that meets the highest technical requirements. AYAQ makes a strong impression with its own solutions for tour hikers’ everyday life. The Forno vest can be taken off easily, even from underneath a jacket, while the Nunatak Hybrid Pants come with an innovative, comfortable design in the crotch especially for ski touring.

Maporto (Poland, 2020)

Anyone who spends a long time out and about with baggage knows it all too well – eventually every backpack starts to feel heavy. The start-up Maporto has developed the Relief System, a special device that takes the weight of the backpack off the shoulders: Two braces optimally transfer the weight to the hip belt. The patented system can be attached to almost any backpack, child carrier or other carrying device. The best part: Maporto will also make it possible for people who have back or shoulder pain to wear backpacks

Skibrid (France, 2019)

Carving for all: In just a few minutes, the SKIBRID Neo turns normal skis or snowboards into a hybrid of mountain bike and board, without damaging the equipment. Riders can effortlessly steer the board by tilting or twisting the handlebars. Even beginners should be able to make fast carving turns in no time at all – without putting strain on their joints

Southern Shores (Germany, 2019)

Yoga mats made from natural rubber are the first choice for many yogis – the slip resistance is unparalleled. Now the start-up Southern Shores is making rubber mats sustainable, too, with The Ocean Mat. They are soft, stable and trendy, and are made from FSC certified natural rubber as well as recycled plastic bottles. Plus no waste is generated during production. The mat’s natural colors convey a sense of calm during exercise. The start-up is also making a statement: One percent of their revenue will go toward the protection of dolphins and whales.

Veloine  Women Cycling Apparel (Germany, 2019)

Sports and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive – many female cyclists remain active during pregnancy. That’s why Veloine has developed Women Cycling Apparel – cycling gear for women that combines style and performance with comfort, even during pregnancy. The Veloine Pregnancy Cycling Kit helps pregnant cyclists to enjoy their sport for as long as possible. The parts grow with the bump: The jersey has a special fabric fold that expands as necessary. Special cuts provide support, while the soft material has very low compression. The company has set itself the goal of making cycling more feminine overall.

West Kiteboarding (Germany, 2018)

Full control, more safety: With, the start-up West Kiteboarding has patented a magnetic safety binding for kite surfers. The board contains two magnets with an adhesive force of 120 kilograms each and the metal plates are inside the matching shoes. What’s more, the release units are individually adjustable. To start, the riders need only jump onto the board and they’re ready to go. In case they fall, the board releases, minimizing the risk of injury.

YourCoaching (Germany, 2020)

Content is king and the market for personal trainers in the sports business is growing – the software start-up YourCoaching offers fitness trainers and influencers a tool to quickly and easily create individual apps for their respective target group. Training applications, diet plans, programs, advertising and voucher campaigns, stories... The customer takes care of the content, YourCoaching deals with the entire implementation of the app for iOS, Android and web. No knowledge of programming is required.