In the Video: This Is How eSports is also Changing the Sports Industry

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At ISPO Munich 2019 eSports was represented for the first time. Competitive gaming has long been more than a hype. And the sports industry can also benefit.

The majority of the stakeholder in the sports business are still searching their way into eSports or hesitate to go into the gaming sector.

The big football clubs for instance in Germany have long since created facts: Schalke 04, VfL Wolfsburg or FC Bayern have their own departments and employ professional players. Training, competition, ambition and title - just like in any sport. Physical and mental fitness are basic prerequisites.

Martin Müller, Vice President of the German Sports Federation: "The sporting goods industry should have an interest in eSport. We have a relatively large merchandising sector. The big teams go on stage with their jerseys. So as a fan I would like to own such a jersey. When we talk about four million eSportsmen, four million eSportsmen also have to be equipped a bit. And I think there's great potential for the sporting goods industry."