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These Sports and Outdoor Brands Perform Best in the German E-Commerce Market

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These sports and outdoor brands perform best in the German e-commerce market: The new study by EDM Publications offers unique insights for the sports and outdoor industry. An in-depth analysis of 60 leading sports and outdoor brands and a consumer survey with over 3000 participants are condensed into 100 performance KPIs.

The report explains in detail which brands are ahead in the online business in Germany.

According to Statista, e-commerce sales in the German sports and outdoor industry are expected to rise to over 3.65 billion euros by 2024. Online First: The Corona pandemic has once again accelerated this trend exponentially. This makes it all the more important for all players on this playing field to have a precise understanding of the preferences of today's consumers and to get through to them via online channels. And to understand the recipes for success of the best sports and outdoor brands.

Successful online: study reveals secrets

The industry experts at EDM Publications have therefore collaborated with the renowned Swiss market research company Link to produce the uniquely detailed study "The Sports Brands Winning The Online Race In Germany". By analyzing over 100 KPIs, the study provides insights into why certain brands are better positioned in the digital market than others. This includes the evaluation of brands based on seven performance dimensions. For example, a neuro-flash analysis is included which ranks the level of positive or negative sentiment about a brand online. In addition, by surveying over 3000 consumers, the study clarifies which sports brands are purchased through which online channels. Future buying interest in sports brands is also queried. The study distinguishes between digital natives and old-school consumers.

These brands perform best in the German E-Commerce market for sports goods
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E-commerce: Adidas, Nike and Gymshark the top brands - Amazon most important channel

The results of the study are remarkable: In the top ten of the best brands, the company Gymshark surprisingly finds itself in position three behind the two industry giants Adidas and Nike. It is equally interesting that Amazon has now overtaken the major sports and outdoor specialists in terms of importance for consumers as a sales channel. This shows the rapid pace at which the market is changing and how important sound information about these changes is.

Amazon is the most important sales channel for consumers - even ahead of the big sports specialists.
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"Valuable benchmarking figures and tool to sharpen market analysis in Germany".

Christopher Häggström, who as CEO of Digital Crew Nordic advises some leading Scandinavian sports and outdoor brands, is excited about the new study with valuable benchmarking figures: "This digital performance research, which analyses consumer preferences and online performance of 60 leading sports and outdoor brands in the important German market, is a valuable tool for us. It allows us to sharpen our market analysis and thus advise our customers better."

EDM Publications: Inside Expert for the Sports and Outdoor Industry

Since its foundation in 1989, EDM Publications has been providing exclusive insider information on the sports and outdoor industry to executives and professionals from leading brands, retailers, distributors and industry service providers. With renowned publications and titles such as Sporting Goods Intelligence Europe (SGI Europe), The Outdoor Industry Compass, Eyewear Intelligence or Shoe Intelligence, the company, which recently moved to Munich, regularly sets standards. The focus here is on digital transformation as the most important topic for the industry. Prior to the study now presented, a whitepaper already revealed the measures with which Nike was able to increase the share of its online sales to 30 percent in a short time.

ISPO Textrends at ISPO Munich
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Here is the complete research report

All information and raw data of the study "The Sports Brands Winning The Online Race In Germany" can be purchased from the EDM Publications team led by CEO Krischan Hertle (; Tel +49 (0)89 127 108 22). There is also the possibility of ordering an individualized report with recommendations for action for your own online business. Further information is also available from the study's research partner, the Swiss market research company LINK: (Member of the LINK Management Board)