New ultra-light drink containers outfitted with vacuum technology, from Thermos

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For over a hundred years, Thermos has stood for reliable insulation technology in drink and food containers. Today, the company’s outdoor drinking bottles are everywhere it comes down to minimal weight and optimal insulation values: in the high mountains, on demanding trails and adventurous hiking routes – or just everyday use.

Man with his Thermos bottle drinking
Thermos, the warm companion even under ice-cold conditions

The secret is the vacuum insulation technology: At the turn of the last century, German glass technician Reinhold Burger began experimenting with double wall containers – and in 1904, laid the patented foundation for a technology that now sees to healthy drinks under the open sky all over the world.

Thermos is considered the specialist among insulated bottle manufacturers, headquartered in Illinois since 1907. They supply outdoor fans with lightweight, robust, and high-performance stainless steel drinking systems, all over the globe. In addition to the practical benefits of these technical drinking bottles, it’s also primarily the aspect of sustainability that sets them apart.

That’s because a single- or multi-use plastic bottles aren’t just problematic in terms of disposal, under certain circumstances they can also pass on unpleasant flavor traces and even harmful substances into the beverages transported inside them.

Who isn’t familiar with the dubious pleasure of squeezing the last remnant of warm spritzer with a taste of plastic from the bottle on the summer MTB tour? This is where Thermos stainless steel bottles have the clear advantage: first, they’re a purchase for life, as they’re practically indestructible. They’re also absolutely food-neutral and hygienic: you can’t transport drinks any “healthier” than that.

Light, robust, and extremely insulating

Climbers, ski tourers, trail runners, and mountain hikers (among others) all have one thing in common: They know the right time to appreciate a cool or hot drink. Thermos has specialized in precisely this target group, developing beverage containers that provide maximal insulation performance despite minimum weight.

In the coming season, the new “Ultra-Light” product line will be the company’s focus. The new line will be produced using high-quality 18/10 stainless steel, outfitted with double-walled vacuum insulation technology. Able to keep drinks cool up to 24 hours and hot up to 16 hours, it’s a crucial advantage for everyone who likes to hit the road outdoors, even in extreme weather conditions.

Other features of the outdoor bottle series include its extremely light weight, a puristically clean shape, an extremely robust outer layer, and a new, collapsible closure system that you can operate with one hand. Searching for an inner coating will be in vain, as the beverage is encased in the purest of stainless steel, and naturally every bottle is dishwasher-safe.

The Thermos “Ultra-Light” bottles are available in four variations of 0.35 to 1.0 liters. They thus offer the right volume for every application and every outdoor activity.

A hot drink is a real life elixir of trekking.
A hot drink is a real life elixir of trekking.
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The innovation for even lighter drinking pleasure

Since the company’s founding, Thermos has always made it their goal to continuously improve good products, thus continuing to increase the performance of drink bottles from series to series. With the “Ultra-Light” series, coming in the 2018 season, the collection is getting a drinking system that will once again raise the bar for light weight and technical sophistication for insulated containers.

The technical foundation is a new laser welding technique in which stainless steel is welded into a high-quality, extremely light yet robust bottle. Depending on the model, the bottles can also be outfitted with a Safety Lock sealing system. One-handed use is easy and comfortable with the free-flow drinking system.

The product at a glance:

- Thermos insulation technology, double-walled stainless steel

- Vacuum insulation

- Top-rack dishwasher-safe

- Hygienic, easy to clean, no interior coating

- Flavor-neutral, recyclable

- Free of BPA and contaminants

- Keeps hot and cold

- Ultra-lightweight

- 5 years of guaranteed optimal insulation performance

- Depending on the model, available in sizes of 355 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, and 1000 ml

Reliable insulation even under harsh conditions: Thermos is the smart insulation solution for all applications. Companion for outdoor enthusiasts.
Reliable insulation even under harsh conditions: Thermos is the smart insulation solution for all applications. Companion for outdoor enthusiasts.
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“Light & Compact,” “Stainless King,” “Cold Cups,” and more

In addition to the “Ultra-Light” line, the Thermos product range naturally also includes the classics like the tried and tested “Light & Compact” bottles, the “Stainless King” series, the “Premium” series, “Cold Cups” for smoothie fans, the “Funtainer” for kids, as well as the “Tritan” sports bottles and the light, foldable “IsoTec” soft cooling bottles.

Thermos thus offers the right product for every field of application – from the urban jungle to the expedition into the true wilderness. Hot matters. Cold matters. It matters!

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