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Fitness Trends for Indoor and Outdoor

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The Corona pandemic has ensured that new fitness trends have emerged, and some are enjoying an absolute revival. All trends have one thing in common: they require little equipment. They also promote coordination, train the cardiovascular system and the muscular system - and they're fun too!


Hula Hoop - A Successful Revival

Since the 1950s, the hoop has been known as the hula hoop - and experienced its first heyday. But who would have thought that it would experience such a revival in the past two years? Hullern or hooping goes always and everywhere. A little space - that's all it takes. And then you can swing your hips for all they're worth. The fitness trend is an effective workout for the core muscles and also increases coordination and endurance. Experts recommend hulling at least three times a week for at least 20 minutes so that the effects are visible and noticeable. And by the way: it's also fun - just give it a try!


Roller Skating - Always Trendy for 250 Years

For 250 years, people all over the world have been whizzing around on eight wheels. The first world championships in roller skating took place in the USA in 1947. This fitness trend became suitable for the masses in the 1980s with roller discos, and was later replaced by inline skating. The next revival was about 15 years ago, and with the Corona pandemic, many took their old roller skates out of the basement or bought new ones. No wonder: the streets and squares were emptier than ever. Balance, endurance and coordination are trained in a playful way. And when the right music is playing - it just grooves...


Bouldering Attracts Young and Old to the Halls

Short distances, lots of fun and a perfect workout for the body. The sport of bouldering is currently extremely popular. No wonder: "No rope, no harness, everyone can start immediately and only needs climbing shoes," says Andi Sendlbeck from the DAV Climbing and Bouldering Center Munich North. In recent years, he says, bouldering has become an urban fashion sport. "From the first minute, everyone experiences their own personal sense of achievement," because it's no more difficult than climbing stairs, says Sendlbeck. Bouldering is a variation of climbing. Tricky movement problems are solved at jumping height. Thick soft-floor mats ensure a safe landing. The whole body is trained, especially the leg muscles, but also coordination and mobility. Another plus: This fitness trend is on the one hand interactive and communicative, but on the other hand it can also be bouldered well alone.


Urban Running and Trail Running

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Two fitness trends that work anytime, anywhere. Put on your running or trail running shoes and off you go. While urban running turns the city into an adventure playground, trail running takes you into nature and the great outdoors. Both fitness trends promote the cardiovascular system. The advantage is that you can determine the intensity yourself. To avoid having to rely solely on your subjective sense of exertion, it's best to run with an app - it shows route, distance, pace and time. A smartwatch also measures your pulse.

What makes urban running special? This fitness trend is more than just jogging. Stairs on the route are used for a short interval training session, for example. A park bench is ideal for a short strength training session with your own body weight.

Is trail running healthier? Of course, the ground in nature is usually softer and therefore easier on the joints. However, running over hill and dale, meadows and fields or snow and sand makes special demands on your coordination.

In general, the following applies: With the right shoes, nothing stands in the way of running fun.


Live Classes: The Most Popular Activity at the Gym

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Now that gyms have reopened, fitness enthusiasts are flocking back. Their favorite activity is live classes. These are the most popular activity, according to the recent Les Mills Fitness Report. Two-thirds prefer to work out with others than alone. Even though online workouts are the number one fitness trend this year, live classes at the gym are more than twice as appealing as livestreams. The most important factors: rock-star trainers and the energy of the group. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is at the top of the list, followed by indoor cycling and dance classes.


A Great Combination: Stand-up Paddling and Yoga

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Yoga on the board combines two trends at once. In recent months, yoga enthusiasts have increasingly been drawn to the great outdoors. In big cities, pop-up yoga has been the trend for quite some time. No wonder: rolling out the mat in a museum or on the roof terrace of a hotel has a very special charm. Yoga devotees go one step further with their sessions on a stand-up paddling board. This fitness trend has been attracting more and more fans for a few years now. Yoga on the water mainly trains the torso muscles, especially the small muscles that are particularly challenged by the rocking board. In addition, there is the effect on soul and spirit. Yoga on land calms and grounds, but on the water the experience is even more intense.


Super Game: Shuttlecock Returns

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Whether shuttlecock on the beach or on the play street: this summer, children, young people and adults have rediscovered this traditional sport. In the 18th century, it was mostly the British aristocracy who passed the time with wooden rackets and badminton. Today, as in the past, badminton is all about fun and the joy of movement. One advantage: a racket and a ball - that's all you need to indulge in this sport. The aim is to play the shuttlecock back and forth for as long as possible. Badminton is different, as it is a competitive sport with a defined playing field and fixed rules. Here, the athletes pursue the goal of getting the shuttlecock to touch the ground in the opponent's court as quickly as possible. In both sports, endurance, agility, coordination and speed are trained - and fun is not neglected either!