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Image credit:
Messe München GmbH

8 reasons why your brand belongs on the Zeitgeist by ISPO area

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Contemporary outdoor, tenniscore, basketball or running: no matter which sports-inspired lifestyle is currently at the forefront of fashion, it is clear that sports and outdoor activities are in tune with the times. ISPO Munich wants to show just how versatile and inspiring this unstoppable fusion of fashion and sport is at the curated special area Zeitgeist by ISPO 2024 Edition.

The crises and challenges of recent years have challenged consumers, brands, retailers and trade fair organizers alike and have left their mark. Especially for young, innovative brands outside the mainstream, the changes in the trade fair landscape have not made it any easier to find the right audience. However, new opportunities have also arisen. The sports and OutDoor market in particular has proven to be more crisis-resistant than average because sports and outdoor activities continue to be an important source of inspiration and strength for people. Many even say that sport is more important than ever. This is precisely why sport plays such a major role in current fashion. So big, in fact, that even luxury fashion houses are sponsoring the Olympic Games. But these new, fashionable consumers expect more than pure function. They often don't feel addressed by classic sports and outdoor brands and are looking for new style codes that better convey their attitude to life. ISPO Munich wants to close this gap with the curated special area Zeitgeist by ISPO 2024 Edition and offer all the pioneering brands a tailor-made, attractive environment. Be there!

These are the 8 best reasons for your participation in Zeitgeist by ISPO 2024 Edition:


Winning new retail partners

It may sound banal, but it's still true: nowhere else can you make as many new contacts in just a few days as at a trade show. This applies not only to the exhibitors, but also to the retailers. Buyers from many large, trend-oriented stores still appreciate this time-saving service and plan trade fair visits into their diaries. All the more so when the trade fair landscape is shrinking.

The Zeitgeist by ISPO Area celebrated its premiere at ISPO Munich 2023.
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Messe München GmbH
"Zeitgeist was undoubtedly the most relevant and dynamic area for fashion and sports brands at ISPO Munich 2023. The unique room design and excellent curation made it essential for every retailer visiting the trade show. Now we hope that this area will grow in the coming seasons; it has the potential to become a reference on the European/global buying circuit and attract a larger number of qualified retailers. We give five stars for the execution, logistics, ease of set-up and support from the team. We would love to come back."
Jean-Philippe Robert, President, Quartz Co.

Offering a response to market changes

Retailers don't just want to see brands at the trade show that they already know and carry themselves. It is about developing a feeling for the future, which cannot yet be depicted in figures. Where is the market heading, which trends should be kept an eye on, which new brands, target groups or forms of presentation could suit your own business? These are the questions that retailers ask themselves - and you have the answers.

Retailers discover the future of sports fashion at Zeitgeist by ISPO
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Messe München GmbH

Finding an international audience

The fashion industry has lost important trade fair anchors in recent years, especially in Germany, Europe's largest market. At the same time, fashion is more sports-oriented than ever: gorpcore, tenniscore, basketball, running, all these international fashion trends celebrate sport and the lifestyle associated with it. There is no end in sight. This is an excellent opportunity to present yourself to a new, international audience.

Sport and fashion continue to grow together.
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Messe München GmbH

Curated area guarantees full effect

Many sports and outdoor brands have continued to develop in the direction of fashion in recent years. But there are still brands that are leading this movement and setting new trends. Zeitgeist by ISPO 2024 Edition brings these brands together in a uniformly designed area and thus offers retailers a more comprehensive and powerful image than individual stands could ever have.


No need for your own exhibition stand

Do you have a small brand but don't feel like hiring a stand builder? No problem. After all, young, small brands are the famous salt in the soup. The Zeitgeist by ISPO Area consists of uniformly designed, ready-made booths in various sizes and requires no additional installations. Each stand area is designed to offer maximum visibility and impact. Plug and play, so to speak.

Zeitgeist by ISPO presents innovative brands in a curated environment.
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Messe München GmbH

Attractive environment with a community feel

You feel most comfortable among like-minded people. This is especially true for pioneering brands, which are often not understood in the normal trade fair environment. Their pioneering character becomes more recognizable when several brands come together and provide each other with the right framework. This community feeling arises in the Zeitgeist by ISPO Area as if by itself and is mutually reinforcing.

Zeitgeist by ISPO offered space for connection and community
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Messe München GmbH

Good neighborhood with Highsnobiety

Like last year, ISPO Munich is also cooperating with the fashion & lifestyle blog Highsnobiety this year and is dedicating the ISPO 520M area curated by Highsnobiety to this cooperation. However, this time 520M is not located in the entrance foyer, but in the direct vicinity of the Zeitgeist by ISPO Area. This results in interesting synergies for buyers and, of course, for the press.

"We were thrilled by the atmosphere - full of positive energy - interesting people - interesting contacts - contacts we wouldn't normally have. We look forward to being there again."
Else Sørup, Head of Global Marketing Nordisk, GameChanger

Complete pricing guarantees cost control

It couldn't be simpler or clearer: Zeitgeist by ISPO 2024 Edition offers exhibitors complete price packages that cover all essential amenities and services. Whether you are a startup or an established brand, Zeitgeist by ISPO removes many hurdles so that you can present your collection without stress and additional costs.

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