How You Support Local Sports Retaers and Protect the Environment at the Same Time

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This makes shopping even more fun! With the "Buy local, protect the environment" campaign, every Schöffel customer kills two birds with one stone: they support the stationary trade and at the same time become the sponsor of a newly planted tree.

Buy local, protect the environment: Schöffel plants a tree for every purchase

Thanks to the many retail openings, shopping at your favorite sports store is finally a reality again. Experiencing products live and getting well-founded advice from specialist sales staff is more fun than shopping via click. In addition, when it comes to high-quality outdoor products, it's helpful to be able to direct your questions about the equipment you're looking for directly to the experts in the shop. Whether it's choosing the right hiking jacket or looking for the best functional clothing for the planned MTB alpine crossing. With good advice, the chances are good that the investment in new outdoor equipment will also deliver what it promises in practice. Bad purchases are out of the question!

Mit einer breit angelegten Social Media Kampagne möchte Schöffel die Verbraucher zur Unterstützung des lokalen Sportfachhandels motivieren.
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Even during the lockdown, Schöffel successfully motivated its customers and fans to support stationary retail with the social media campaign #SupportYourLocalSportfachhandel. With the latest lockdown measures and the reopening of numerous stores, the family-owned company from Schwabmünchen is launching another initiative: "Buy local, protect the environment." Reiner Gerstner, Corporate Marketing Director, says: "The hashtag #SupportYourLocalSports Retail was built by us and filled with life. Now, under the sub-title 'Buy local, protect the environment', we want to create further incentives to do something for the environment by purchasing Schöffel products in addition to to do something for the environment by buying Schöffel products in addition to supporting sports retailers."

Hier das Schaufenster der Sport Scheck Filiale in Berlin.
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Buy Local and Protect the Environment at the Same Time

The idea is simple. For every Schöffel product bought from a specialist retailer, the company donates a tree. The procedure for implementation is also uncomplicated: All you have to do as a buyer is post a photo of the purchase receipt on the website website. For every receipt, regardless of the amount, Schöffel will donate a tree seedling in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. After you have submitted your proof of purchase, as a supporter you will receive a personal confirmation and find out where a new tree has been planted in your name. All planted trees are also entered on the landing page

Thus, the action has a double benefit for every buyer. On the one hand, the purchase supports local retailers who have been suffering for over 14 months from the effects of the lockdown, some of which threaten their existence. Secondly, every consumer is actively helping to protect the environment by taking part in the campaign. Schöffel will also accompany the campaign with videos and tutorials on the subject of "planting trees". Foresters, forestry workers and environmental activists will be providing fascinating insights into their work on the social media channels and the Schöffel YouTube channel.

Schöffel athletes such as ski crosser Fanny Smith, mountaineer Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, alpine skier Benni Raich and mountain bike guide and freeride pro Roman Rohrmoser are also supporting the campaign.

For managing director Peter Schöffel, the end of the lockdown means a light on the horizon: "Now it is possible to do what we have been looking forward to for so long: We can go out again, and not just into the countryside, but also into the into the city centres with their local traders. The sports retailers have been our longest and most valuable partner. That's why we want to communicate to our customers the important added value that local retailers offer as competent local contacts and provide an important incentive to shop. I would be delighted if customers take this opportunity to plant as many trees as possible."

The new tree campaign is already the second initiative with which Schöffel is committed to reforestation. Back in July 2020, Schöffel customers were able to waive their reduced VAT rate and donate it to reforestation projects. By the beginning of January 2021, these donations had enabled almost 30,000 trees to be planted.

More information about Schöffel and the "Buy local, protect the environment" campaign is available at

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