Dr. Regina Henkel
Dr. Regina Henkel

The New Hiking Innovation from Jack Wolfskin

Waterproof Without Seam Tapes: Jack Wolfskin Presents the New Tapeless Jacket

For the next winter season, outdoor specialist Jack Wolfskin has developed a hiking jacket that works entirely without seam tapes. Why is that so special? It's still waterproof!

The Tapeless Jacket from Jack Wolfskin.

Seams are usually the weak points in waterproof clothing. No matter how dense the outer fabric, water still gets through at the seams. To prevent this and to permanently seal clothing against water penetration, the seams are usually bonded with tape. Until now, there was hardly any reliable alternative.

The team at Jack Wolfskin has completely revamped the development process for the new hiking collection for winter 2022/23. Every approach, every detail was questioned, rethought and optimized in terms of performance and sustainability.

Waterproof and More Breathable: the Tapeless Jacket

A highlight of the new Hiking collection that underscores the brand's innovative strength is the Tapeless Jacket: the waterproof and windproof 3-layer jacket can completely do without tape thanks to an innovative seam-sealing system featuring a staggered construction at the seams. The so-called Zero Tape technology enables extremely high breathability as well as particularly high wearing comfort. At the same time, durability and robustness are increased because the problem of seam tapes peeling off over time is eliminated.

This waterproof and windproof 3-layer jacket can do without seam tapes entirely.

Saving Resources

Every additional material, every additional work step consumes resources. Since Jack Wolfskin has been actively committed to a sustainable transformation of the clothing industry for many years, dispensing with tapes also serves the sustainability cause. After all, thanks to the new technology, Jack Wolfskin can save 20 meters of tape per jacket and obtain a product that is not only more breathable, but also more durable. 

Full Function For Hiking

Despite the minimalist design, the lightweight 3-layer jacket offers all the essential features. For example, the zippers are waterproof, the hood is adjustable in the field of view and volume, and both the hem and cuffs are adjustable. Thanks to a complex cut, the jacket comes without seams on the shoulders and hips, where the backpack could cause unpleasant friction. The high elasticity of the material further guarantees freedom of movement.

The Zero Tape technology enables extremely high breathability as well as particularly high wearing comfort.

Technical Features:

  • wind- and waterproof 3-layer jacket
  • very breathable
  • chest pocket
  • high elasticity for freedom of movement
  • no seams at shoulders and hips for less friction with backpack
  • weight: 360 g (size M)

For more information visit www.jack-wolfskin.com.

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Dr. Regina Henkel
Dr. Regina Henkel
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