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Rebooting Performance With Sustainability

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Tecnica’s Zero G Tour Pro Ski Touring Boot

Tecnica’s Zero G Tour Pro ski touring boot has undergone significant improvements to enhance both downhill and uphill performance while reducing its weight. The focus of this update lies on both functional aspects such as light weight and fit but also on the use of recycled materials and being recyclable at its end of life.

Tecnica’s Zero G Tour Pro ski touring boot has gotten an update: The functional aspects of fit and material of this new boot revolve around eco-friendliness, lightweight construction, recyclability, and the use of recycled materials. 

“We are really proud to celebrate such a great achievement like the ISPO award. It’s the right reward after a long development time”, says Matteo Murer, Product Manager Tecnica Skiboots. “We started collecting feedback from our athletes, guides and end users at an early stage of the process. As a result, we knew very quickly what worked well and which details we could still improve.


An improved cuff construction provides 10 per cent more freedom of movement on the ascent

Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro: Lighter Weight, Stronger Performance

Key developments include the Quick Instep construction, increased walkability through a better range of motion, as well as a better fit. The product also brings improvements to functionality, including a lightweight cuff, reduced friction hinge points, and a T-Hike double-blocking mechanism, resulting in a 10% increase in range of motion. Fit enhancements include an improved anatomical shape, especially in the toebox and instep area, achieved through co-injected materials combining carbon with thermoplastic materials. All these enhancements make the boot an even lighter and more comfortable companion on the uphill. Overall, the boot comes in at 1290 grams and Tecnica’s developers were able to carve off 100 grams compared to its predecessor.

The buckle position was improved for less deformation and effort when closing the boot

“Together with all the R&D team we worked on a daily basis to find solutions to bring this boot to the next level. The solutions were tested in the lab and on the field, to be sure that all the work was heading to the direction we wanted”, explains Matteo Murer.

Tecnica’s Zero G Tour Pro Ski Touring boot still features a progressive flex of 130 catering to those ski tourers that prioritize exceptional downhill performance and its unique 4-buckle overlap construction with improved buckles. For the new ski touring season, it has 1.5 degrees more forward lean - for even more downhill orientation. A T-Hike mechanism with double-blocking technology provides a solid downhill behavior but still feels playful.


The "T-Hike" walking mechanismis now more stable and easier to operate with gloves

Recycling Program and Reduced Footprint

Overall, the boot has a reduced CO2 footprint. Recycling is facilitated by more environmentally friendly materials and a simplified material structure, excluding PVC and incorporating recycled materials. Second-generation materials undergo rigorous testing to meet the high-quality standards. The selected materials prioritize lower environmental impact, i.e. PU instead of PVC and recycled materials. Additionally, Tecnica is involved in the "Repair if you care" project with Vibram and operates a specific recycling initiative known as Recycle Your Boots, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions and simplifying the recycling process. The Zero G Tour Pro is also entirely produced in Europe.

Matteo Murer, Product Manager Tecnica Skiboots, sums up: “Knowing that the ISPO Award committee has recognized the step ahead we were able to make is gratifying and gives us also the power to go on and work on this direction. But first, it’s time to celebrate!”


The Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro comes with a fit-optimized liner
Here’s what the jury had to say about the Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro ski touring boot:
"This upgrade of the Zero G Pro Tour is a sophisticated blend of performance and sustainability. The boot features increased mobility and a lighter weight while keeping a progressive flex. Combined with its reduced carbon footprint, it is a standout choice for downhill focused ski tourers."
ISPO Award Jury

5 reasons why the Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro ski touring boot convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • 10% increased range of motion
  • Lightweight construction 
  • Improved anatomical shape & quick instep
  • Hike mechanism with solid downhill behavior
  • Eco-conscious material use

Product specs:

  • Flex: 130
  • Last: 99 mm
  • Size: 22.0 - 30.5 MP
  • Weight: 1.290 g
  • Color: orange
  • RRP: €850.00
  • Release date: September 2024
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