Product reviews/11/27/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Ortovox Thermovent Shortpants

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Ortovox combines light weight with great insulation in its Thermovent Shortpants, comfortably achieving base layer goals on long days in the snow. Read on about the benefits of this new garment that convinced the ISPO Award jury and brought the Bavarian brand an ISPO Award.

It all starts with the right base. Same for base layers in ski touring or freeriding. The pieces that come first on and last off can make or break your day in terms of warmth, ventilation or fit on long days out in the mountains. The Ortovox Thermovent line perfectly combines lightness and warmth through innovative production techniques and the selection of proven raw materials. The Merino Thermovent Shortpants are characterized by their ideal weight-to-insulation ratio and smart 3D body mapping. With their breathable and stretchy mesh structure on the thighs, this super lightweight base layer guarantees ideal ventilation and moisture management while still providing excellent heat retention. A special knit structure in the knee area also ensures warm joints without any bulk to allow a natural range of movement. So thanks to 3D body mapping, the different areas of these pants have been smartly tailored to the needs of the different areas of the body they cover. More warmth where it is needed but also enough sufficient ventilation on the parts of the legs that need more cooling.

Die Ortovox Merino Thermovent Shortpants are available for men and women in a grey blend.
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95 Percent Merino Wool and Less Cutting Waste

The flat knitting technique used to produce the pants creates no cutting waste in production, thus making the product more sustainable, as only as much is knitted as used or needed. Consisting of 95 percent merino wool, the Thermovent Shortpants feature a very high share in raw material, making it more eco-friendly. With its proven characteristics, merino keeps you warm or cool, depending on the circumstances, but in any case helps to prevent bad odors, even on longer tours or when worn over multiple days. The pants are super soft and comfortable to wear, from the elastic waistband to their stretchy seams. They are also the perfect length to use in combination with ski socks, creating less bulk while still not riding up during movement. The Ortovox Thermovent Shortpants come in a neutral dark grey blend and sizes XS to XL for women and S to XXL for men.

Here’s what the jury had to say about the Ortovox Merino Thermovent Shortpants:

"During long missions in harsh weather, a great base layer cannot be appreciated enough: A high proportion of merino wool and well thought out 3D body mapping make the Ortovox Thermovent Shortpants comfortable, warm, light and eco-friendly. The stretchy mesh structure on the thighs is great for high aerobic activities, while this base layer still keeps the body warm overall."
ISPO Award Jury

5 reasons why the Ortovox Merino Thermovent Shortpants convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Breathable mesh structure on the thighs 
  • Reinforcements on the knees for warm joints
  • Merino wool as sustainable performance material
  • Ideal weight-to-insulation-ratio for a base layer
  • Perfect length for combination with ski boots and socks

Product specs:

  • Material:95 percent merino wool
  • Size: XS-XL (women), S-XXL (men)
  • Color: dark grey blend
  • RRP: €130.00
  • Release date: October 2024
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