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Eco-Friendliness Meets Powder Performance

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Ferreol Surfeur 112 Ski

The Ferreol Surfeur 112 is a perfect blend of sustainability and top-tier performance, redefining the standards of eco-friendly skiing. With this new ski, the Canadian brand is bringing a more eco-conscious option in the powder department to the market.

The big idea behind the Surfeur 112 is to revolutionize skiing by combining sustainability and performance. The ski was designed for maximum flotation and ease of turning. It's light, playful, and has a large surface area, allowing you to float on deep, ungroomed snow with a surfy feel. "At Ferreol, we believe in leading by example. The Surfeur 112, born from this vision, isn't just a powder ski; it's a testament to the harmony between nature and adventure«, says Alex-Anne Flibotte, Marketing Manager at Ferreol. 

With the Surfeur, the brand truly focuses on eco-responsibility working hard on replacing materials with biobased options that have a lower impact on the environment.


Replacing Synthetic With Natural Flax Fiber

For instance, Ferreol replaced synthetic fibers like fiberglass and carbon with flax fiber for the ski’s reinforcement. »We thought about environmentally sustainable alternatives for reinforcement materials. We also wanted to encourage other ski manufacturers to bring more environmentally friendly skis to market without compromising on-snow performance«, explains Philippe Gosselin, Ski Mechanics Expert their reasoning. »That’s when the idea of flax fiber came up. Flax fiber has one of the most promising potentials due to its mechanical properties. The fact that flax is a bio-material, unlike conventional synthetic, makes it more sustainable.«

Flax fibers are used for their great dampening properties in the ski’s construction

The Surfeur 112 has exceptional dampness, made possible through the use of flax fiber, which also enhances the skiing experience. Also, the use of locally sustainable harvested wood cores, bio-sourced top sheet and epoxy further reduces the environmental impact. It’s also produced with renewable energy sources, ensuring eco-friendliness. This makes it one of the most eco-responsible skis in the industry, reducing the carbon footprint of the ski.

At home in powder conditions: The Ferreol Surfeur 112

Exceptional Dampness and Great On-Piste Performance for a Wide Ski

Another way of acting more sustainable is creating products that can be used in a more versatile way - which is also in line with Ferreol’s brand purpose. »We had to keep in mind our brand promise to design versatile skis. While the Surfeur's primary use is as a powder ski, we designed it to perform exceptionally well on hard snow, even though it's not optimized for that«, explains Jonathan Audet, Co-Founder and CEO of Ferreol the ski.

Eco-friendliness meets powder performance with the Ferreol Surfeur 112

With its outstanding playfulness and versatile performance, the Surfeur 112 is the ultimate ski for freetouring and human-powered backcountry adventures. It also works well in differing conditions. The stiffness has been optimized for good flotation, stability, and control on deep snow, which makes navigation through any kind of terrain easier. The ski is well-balanced in terms of rocker and camber, with a relatively short radius for a ski of its size. High torsional stiffness under the boot delivers a solid edge grip on hard snow. The product's design concept is minimalistic and timeless. It features a white top sheet with a clear window showcasing the flax fiber, maintaining its beauty over time. The black base with a simple white die-cut logo complements the elegant design. Additionally, the white topsheet is functional, reducing snow build-up during uphill ascents, and making it a well-balanced blend of aesthetics and practicality.

While being designed as a powder ski, the Surfeur 112 still skis well during a run on groomers
Here’s what the jury had to say about the Ferreol Surfeur 112 ski:
"Ferreol’s Surfeur 112 is a great example of eco-responsible ski production in the freeride and freetouring segment. It harnesses the great potential of flax fibers as a dampening material in ski construction, showing that natural alternatives do not have to mean less performance or durability."
ISPO Award Jury

5 reasons why the Ferreol Surfeur 112 ski convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • reduced carbon footprint due to biobased materials and renewable energy sources
  • enhanced dampness thanks to flax fiber reinforcements
  • bio sourced top-sheet & epoxy
  • agile and versatile in different conditions and terrains
  • short turning radius for its width for playfulness and ease


Product specs:

  • Wood core, 32% of mass, CAN (100km from factory)
  • Epoxy, 18% of mass, USA
  • Flax fiber, 15% of mass, Swiss
  • Ski plastic base, 9% of mass, USA
  • Steel edges, 8% of mass, Austria
  • Length: 176, 184 cm
  • Radius: 16m (176 cm), 17m (184 cm)
  • Color: white top sheet, black base
  • RRP: €829.00 | $1,194.95 CAD
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