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ISPO Award Winner 2022: MTN Guide Hyper Alpha Jacket

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The Berghaus MTN Guide Hyper Alpha Jacket is a perfectly balanced lightweight insulated and breathable waterproof that provides optimum comfort for long hard days. It is also a new kind of apparel to wear during high-intensity mountain activities.

The Berghaus MTN Guide Hyper Alpha Jacket offers a bit of extra warmth thanks to bonded POLARTEC® ALPHA®

“How do I find the right jacket for light and fast activities in cold and wet weather. Do I need to take insulation or don't I?” A lot of climbers, ski mountaineers, trail runners or hikers have certainly been at this point, wanting protection from the cold and wet without too much weight. With the MTN Guide Hyper Alpha Jacket, Berghaus has created a whole new type of apparel for these consumers: a super lightweight, stowable shell, with a hint of insulation that helps to maintain the optimal body temperature. 

Omit a Layer With This Shell

Overall, the Berghaus MTN Guide Hyper Alpha Jacket offers a completely new concept of an extremely thin insulated waterproof jacket. Until now, POLARTEC® ALPHA® was only known from functional fleece jackets. By bonding the brand’s own 3-layer Hydroshell ELITE™ material with POLARTEC® ALPHA®, a functional layer can be omitted when layering. You can wear a first layer and then the MTN Guide Hyper Alpha directly over it. The jacket offers the benefit of warmth at the beginning of the activity. In the course of movement, it also has the identical breathability and moisture wicking properties of a pure active shell.

High vibes, low weight: The Berghaus MTN Guide Hyper Alpha Jacket
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Improved Thermal Performance, Waterproofness and Breathability

In this jacket, an all-new material combination of Berghaus' proprietary 3-layer Hydroshell® ELITE™, woven ripstop 6D DWR, 3L TY, which is an extremely lightweight waterproof fabric with 12,000 mm water column and 50,000 g/m2/24h breathability, and POLARTEC® ALPHA® has been bonded. This new material combination achieves remarkable values, mixing thermal performance, moisture transport, breathability and waterproofness, without negatively affecting the respective counterpart. It also saves a layer that you won’t have to pack, so that you can go even faster and lighter. 

Even if the MTN Guide Hyper Alpha follows a less is more kind of approach when it comes to packing, it still provides optimum comfort and protection on those long hard days, with a number of features. It is harness and pack compatible thanks to its raised hand pockets. Hood and hems can be easily adjusted. A single point rear adjustment gives the hood a comfortable and snug fit, even if it is rainy or windy. The dual hem adjustment and highlighted cordlock allow for very intuitive use. Reflective details also provide a bit of extra visibility and safety in poor conditions.

Details such as the adjustable hood and the higher position of the pockets make the MTN Guide Hyper Alpha jacket a reliable partner.
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The design is in line with the whole Berghaus Extrem collection for men and women, using timeless colours from a red and black palette. And as nature can be tough even on the toughest pieces of clothing, Berghaus offers to stitch any rip or replace any zip through its in-house Repairhaus service.

"When it came to this product, the combination of the extremely breathable 3L Hydroshell ELITE bonded with the Polartec Alpha was an opportunity not to be missed. It delivers a super lightweight layer with incredible performance levels that can only benefit people being active in the mountains."
Grim Paige, Berghaus Technical Product Lead

Here’s what the jury had to say about the Berghaus MTN Guide Hyper Alpha Jacket:

“Sometimes, the struggle is real, when it comes to deciding whether to take another layer of insulation or not, especially if it’s wet and temperatures are just in-between. The MTN Guide Hyper Alpha Jacket impressively solves this problem by creating a new category of a lightweight shell with a hint of bonded insulation.”
ISPO Award Jury

5 reasons why the Berghaus MTN Guide Hyper Alpha Jacket convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • extremely thin rain jacket with bonded insulation
  • saves an extra layer
  • durable and timeless design
  • using PFC-free, OEKO-TEX and Bluesign certified materials
  • light to wear and small to pack

Product specs:

Hydroshell® ELITE™
Woven ripstop 6D DWR
12,000 mm water column
50,000 g/m2/24h breathability

Regular fit
Sitze: XS-XXL (je Herren und Damen)
Color: red-black und gray-anthracite
RRP: 300 €

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