ISPO AWARD WINNER 2014: Marker Map Technology

Maximum protection meets maximum comfort

For this year’s Protective Snow Equipment line Marker is using MAP Technology for the first time improving protection and comfort simultaneously.

The MAP concept has been developed in collaboration with the science department of the University of Bologna in Italy and stands for Multi-Impact Adaptive Polymer. This high-tech impact foam, with maximum energy absorption, excels over other protection material thanks to its minimal weight. Offering great protection and comfort it can be found in all Marker OTIS products this winter:

Phoenix OTIS ski helmet

The Marker Phoenix OTIS boasts unique, jumbo-sized MAP Protection Pads. These cushy shock absorbers are made of temperature-insensitive foam, and positioned on the critical areas of the back of the head, forehead and temples and deliver up to 22% more protection than regular EPS helmets.

Photo of helmet

Marker MAP Helmet

Photo: Body Vest 2.15 OTIS

Ultra-thin materials make the Marker Body Vest 2.15 OTIS extremely light and help ensure that the vest fits like a second skin. The MAP honeycomb structure optimizes the circulation of air. While extra spinal column protection helps prevent injuries from crashes against sharp-edged objects, MAP pads on the front and sides of the ribcage provide extra protection. The vest is available for men, women and kids.

Set of photos:

Marker MAP Body Vest
Marker MAP Protector
Marker MAP Protector Detail

3D + OTIS Goggle

The Marker 3D+ OTIS introduces a completely new lens and clasp system that makes swapping glasses super easy and very fast: the three-point Click-In´n´Lock system. Furthermore the 3D+ OTIS are the first goggles to add an integrated 3mm MAP Protector layer to the extremely soft, triple-layer Xdry layer in contact with the face. In a crash it absorbs impacts, helping to protect the sensitive areas around the eye sockets and cheekbones. The flexible MAP layer molds itself perfectly to the shape of the face, ensuring that the goggles sit just right.

Photo: Marker_3d+Otis Goggle Detail

In 2014 the MAP-Technology was given ISPO Award Gold in the “Ski Protection” category.

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