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LISTICLE | 06/16/2023
Sebastian Bütow

Full halls, crowded booths, countless exciting products - there was plenty for the outdoor community to marvel at at OutDoor by ISPO in Munich. No easy task to keep track of 661 exhibitors on 35,000 square meters. We kept our eyes open and present you some refreshing brands and their trade show highlights, which set an exclamation mark in terms of climate friendliness.


Freeworld Australia - Caffeine kick for the feet

The smell of coffee lured us to the stand of the shoe manufacturer from Down Under - in keeping with the "Baywalker" model, which owes its name to a popular running route in Sydney. The sole of the sustainably produced shoe is made from coffee grounds. This breathable, ergonomically designed sneaker features an Elanothene+C midsole for excellent cushioning and a firm grip. Best conditions for sustainable power walking!


Maillot Francais - Jerseys with personality

The sportswear specialist founded in 2019 calls itself "The eco responsible sport brand". MF produces jerseys for all sports with a high sustainability standard. The range is both designed and manufactured in Perpignan in the south of France. "In contrast to industrial methods, we prefer to focus on the human side and proximity to our customers," is the motto. Charming idea: on the inside of the swimsuits, the photo of the seamstress who designed the piece is printed on the label.


Warmpeace - Rest in Peace

The sleeping bags of the Czech manufacturer Warmpeace are very easy to connect with each other thanks to a universal zipper alignment. What makes cuddling even better: The QUILT 30 is made exclusively from recycled loft nylon DWR+. Nylon is a significant material for outdoor gear - and not biodegradable. So the only way to reap the benefits of nylon while reducing its harmful impact on the environment is to recycle it.


Marggot - Sexy look from plastic waste

The French sporting goods and accessories manufacturer presented a sunglasses collection for the first time at OutDoor by ISPO. The design of the shades is reminiscent of timeless classics, fresh colors spice up the look and give their wearers the desired coolness. Even better, the models give recycled plastic waste a new life. With Marggot glasses, you're on the sunny side of style and sustainability.


LifeStraw Peak Series - Water pressure without pumps

LifeStraw is a Swiss manufacturer of water filters and drinking straws. The company was founded in 2005 and specializes in innovative water purification solutions. At OutDoor by ISPO, LifeStraw presented an optimized portable gravity filter system that purifies water from natural sources and makes it drinkable without the need for a pump or power source. The water simply flows through the filter thanks to gravity and is freed from dirt and germs in the process.


Crosskix - Walking in water

Water shoes are not necessarily considered a must-have for fashion victims. This could now change. The shoes of the manufacturer Crosskix amaze with their modern design. "The Every-Wear-Shoe" is the claim of the company from Colorado/USA, the models are stylish hybrids of sports shoe, clog and water shoe. From the ocean straight to the disco without having to change shoes - if that's not sustainable! Especially since Crosskix attaches great importance to the use of recycled materials.


Sandberg - Charge and let charge

Cell phone battery empty outdoors? No power outlet in sight? Annoying. But no problem at all with the "Solar Powerbank 24000" model from Sandberg, because thanks to its integrated power solar cells, a smartphone can be recharged up to nine times - or nine cell phones once each. That's enough for the whole rope team!


8BPlus Ocean Brush - Cleaning with trash

With the Swiss Changemakers from Tide Ocean Material, Austrian climbing outfitter 8BPlus developed a bouldering brush made exclusively from recycled ocean plastic and boar hair. It helps clean up our oceans and avoids the production of new plastic. So the Ocean Brush does a lot of good, and of course it can clean handles, too. That's why it won the ISPO Award 2023!


SoleCooler "Climefeet" - The floor is lava? So what?

"Inspired by Nature, powered by your feet" is the claim of the French manufacturer, which has achieved a real innovation with its "Climefeet" insole. It is reversible, can cool and warm. "For the first time, the principle of reversible air conditioning (compression/expansion of air) is applied to a flexible material with a thickness of less than 6 mm, with energy generated only by the pressure of the feet," says Bruno Aubert, founder of SoleCooler, explaining the thermodynamic process. This also earned the company an ISPO Award 2023.


EuroSCHIRM - Hiking in the rain

The practical umbrellas from EuroSCHIRM offer comfortable rain protection as well as protection from UV radiation and heat. They can be attached to the hip belt thanks to an extended handle, leaving your hands free. An extended umbrella roof also keeps your backpack dry when hiking. The German company from Ulm relies on durable and hard-wearing top materials and environmentally friendly packaging.

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Sebastian Bütow
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