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Salomon Trail Running Shoes for Really Everyone

Salomon Trailrunning
  • Silvia Koch
  • August 27, 2019

For running, nothing is more important than the right footwear. We will show you which shoes you can rely on when jogging. Salomon offers trail running shoes for every purpose. We have tested the different models. Find out which shoe suits you best.

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Health-promoting, stylish, light and lots of grip: Trail running shoes have to meet a number of requirements today. Only where you've been on foot, you've really been. A quotation from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, which is lived intensively by many today. The right footwear is the be-all and end-all when it comes to running sports. This is especially true for trail running. More and more runners discover their challenges at trail running.

The French mountain and ultra-marathon runner François D'Haene knows how crucial the right trail running shoes are. The athlete crossed the island of Corsica in 31 hours and 6 minutes in 2016, setting a new record. The 33-year-old is a member of the international Salomon trail running team. During his Greek challenge, he wore a prototype of an ultrarunning shoe that he had developed together with the Salomon R&D team. "Since it is an ultra-trail shoe, it must be able to cope with all the conditions and terrain structures that you encounter during an ultra-race," explains D'haene. "This means, however, that you have to set priorities for the function, since you cannot consider all points equally. Performance had the highest priority here. The shoe must be light, but at the same time it must not lose any comfort or protection over long distances. A bit like a Formula 1 car being adapted for longer distances and narrower paths."

Whether it is the small local loop through the next forest, a long run on forest paths or the extreme mountain round with 2000 meters of altitude in the Alps - trail running has many facets. And each requires the right trail running shoes. Salomon offers a whole range of trail running shoes. We have selected eight shoe models with which all outdoor fanatics can experience a new feeling of freedom in nature. With these models from Salomon you are perfectly equipped for your next trail round, whether in an urban park or in alpine terrain.

Seitenansicht der Trailrunninge Schuh Trailster GTX von Salomon

Trailster GTX - the trail running shoe for everyone

With the Trailster GTX you are well prepared for every running experience. You can rely on the shoe when it comes to comfort, protection and grip.

Seitenansicht der Alphacross Trailrunninge Schuhs von Salomon

Alphacross - the all-rounder

Running adventures can be experienced everywhere. Whether you're doing your rounds in the park around the corner or on rough terrain, the Alphacross will always be your faithful companion. It is characterised by its enormous grip and protects your feet, no matter where you are on your way. It is also lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Seitenansicht der Trailrunning Schuhe Sense Ride 2 von Salomon

Sense Ride 2 - the comfortable one

The Sense Ride 2 is characterised by its 8 mm heel to toe drop. In combination with the reliable fit and the generous cushioning, it offers a high degree of comfort for your next trail run.

Seitenansicht der Trailrunning Schuhe Supercross von Salomon

Supercross - the comfortable one with aggressive hold

The Supercross is the all-rounder for any terrain. From a leisurely city tour to an adventurous cross-country marathon. This shoe guarantees a comfortable hold and cushions every step comfortably.

Seitenansicht der Trailrunning Schuhe Sense Pro 3 von Salomon

Sense Pro 3 - the running shoe for ambitious people

For experienced runners, the Sense Pro 3 offers perfect protection on any trail surface. This dynamic shoe is lightweight and motivates everyone to throw themselves at their next running adventure.

Seitenansicht der Speedcross Trailrunning Schuhe von Salomon

Speedcross - the legend of trail running shoes

The Speedcross is Solomon's legendary trail shoe. The current version has even more grip and a more dynamic upper. Added to this is better stability. This shoe sets new standards in performance and fit.

Seitenansicht der Trailrunning Schuhe S/Lab Ultra 2 von Salomon

S/Lab Ultra 2 - the variable

The S/Lab Ultra 2 is your faithful companion on all surfaces. Whether on wet, dry, hard or loose surfaces, the shoe is designed for any surface. And it also offers a long service life.

Seitenansicht der Trailrunning Schuhe S/Lab XA Alpine 2 von Salomon

S/Lab XA Alpine 2

With the S/Lab XA Alpine 2 you can take on any challenge in the mountains. In alpine terrain, athletes encounter various surfaces and obstacles. The athletically inspired shoe accompanies you even through rough terrain and you are prepared for everything.