Sports Business/08/16/2017

Under Armour Looking For Press Spokesman for CEO Kevin Plank

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Under Armour is looking for a media expert specifically to take care of CEO Kevin Plank’s statements. The company wants to make sure that its statements in printed interviews and on TV are better coordinated with those of the PR department.

Taking criticism after his Trump statement: Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank
Taking criticism after his Trump statement: Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank

In spring 2017 the Under Armour boss commented on Donald Trump to the TV broadcaster CNBC, and caused a nightmare in doing so. “It’s a major advantage to have such a pro-business President like Donald Trump,” said Plank, who supports Trump’s job initiative. Critics understood this as political positioning that could damage Under Armour.

Press representative wanted for “CEO positioning”

The American sportswear company already has a PR department that controls media activity across the globe. Now a new Vice President of Corporate Communications should take care of “CEO positioning.” That should prevent irritations in the future like the Trump statement.

The Vice President should also work with other parts of the company, including the human resources department. In doing so, communication of changes in the business landscape should be adjusted and priorities in terms of disseminating information outside the company should be reset.

Author: Christopher Eichfelder