BLACKROLL as a founding member - quarterly ISPO Collaborators Club Insights

ISPO Open Innovation Community becomes ISPO Collaborators Club

ISPO is significantly expanding the open innovation platform and turning the 90,000-strong community into the ISPO Collaborators Club. BLACKROLL is a founding member and thus the first beneficiary of the new services. explains the new principles of the Collaborator Club and how companies and end customers benefit from it.

Expanding the Open Innovation Platform: the community of around 90,000 members becomes the ISPO Collaborators Club.

So far, the crowdsourcing platform ISPO Open Innovation has brought brands and consumers together to test sports products, develop new ideas and share them. This will continue to be part of the Collaborators Club.

But the benefits and opportunities for community members and for brands will now be significantly expanded.

Free, all-year-round membership for brands

In the future, companies can become members of the ISPO Collaborators Club free of charge. This way, they will be informed about current promotions and receive an exclusive Insights Report every quarter. With the Collaborators Club, ISPO is not only addressing sports brands, but also companies from the health, fitness, technology and tourism sectors, among others.

ISPO Collaborators Club Insights

The insights are the result of continuous surveys of the ISPO Collaborators Club Community which takes over the more than 90,000 members from the Open Innovation Community and is continuously being expanded. A special feature: The members all have a high affinity for sports and the outdoors. The companies thus reach the "early adopters in the sports and outdoor sector" - a qualified target group with an opinion-forming function. Many of the community members also have high social media reach.

As a founding member of the Collaborators Club, BLACKROLL uses the insights from the ISPO Collaborators Club Insights to "incorporate direct customer feedback into our strategic direction," says Michael Meier of BLACKROLL: "Team BLACKROLL stands for the vision 'We empower the people,' so the well-being of end consumers is central to us."

The ISPO Collaborators Club Insights serve to understand customers even better. The survey questions go well beyond the area of sports and outdoor. For example, attitudes to topics such as social responsibility, sustainability, fairness, quality and trend awareness are also queried.

Since the community is made up of sports enthusiasts, the surveys can, for example, identify trends that will also become important for the broad mass of sports and outdoor fans in the future. Companies can design the panel survey together with ISPO.


Das Blackroll-Team
The Blackroll team is a founding member for the ISPO Collaborators Club

Sales push, exclusive approach to high-level customers, community events

In addition to the annual free membership, brands have the option of paid membership to receive numerous other benefits. These include

  • Sales Push: Companies can sell exclusive special editions of products via community mailings.
  • Exclusive material for selected community members: Companies can get in touch with end customers via the community, who can test exclusive prototypes of products, for example. Since there are also many bloggers and influencers in the community, this can also generate extended attention in the relevant target group, for example.
  • Prototype testing: Members of the community can apply to companies to test certain products and give feedback.
  • Digital goodie bags: Companies can promote discount promotions to the community via a digital goodie bag.
  • Community events: Events are also planned for the future, with the goal of bringing brands and athletes and outdoor fans together in an uncomplicated way.

More advantages for community members

Through the further development to the ISPO Collaborators Club, community members have numerous new advantages. When participating in the surveys for the ISPO Collaborators Club Insights, exclusive and valuable non-cash prizes from the brands will be raffled off. For example, BLACKROLL will provide a package with a total of 250 prizes for the first survey. At the same time, all participants automatically influence the sports and outdoor market.

Sales push, goodie bag and new test opportunities for exclusive products further enhance the attractiveness of the community.

With the Collaborators Club, ISPO has set itself the goal of promoting innovation and giving the industry incentives to become better.

The first ISPO Collaborators Club Insights will be published in mid-February 2020. Besides BLACKROLL, there are already other brands that are very interested in the ISPO Collaborators Club and will then be presented as members.


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