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Deuter Vertrail 16 wins ISPO Award

Lightweight and Waterproof Backpack with Innovative Carrying System

It is designed for fast ascents and descents even in demanding terrain and a new mix of trail running and alpine backpack: Thanks to high wearing comfort and modern design, the Deuter Vertrail 16 wins an ISPO Award 2022.

Waterproof and light: Thanks to high wearing comfort and modern design, the Deuter Vertrail 16, here in the Turmeric-Teal color variant, won an ISPO Award 2022.

Young people in particular have increasingly emphasized "sport" in the term "mountain sport" in recent years. Instead of enjoying nature, relaxation or a change from everyday life, something else is in the foreground for them in the mountains: speed skiers are looking for the challenge of walking mountains at high speed and in demanding terrain. Another trend is scrambling, an outdoor sport between hiking, trekking, mountaineering and climbing, in which you fight your way up on steep loops and also use your hands - technically demanding ascents close to climbing. Precisely for this target group, which wants to travel quickly with light material, Deuter has developed the new Vertrail 16 backpack - and then submitted it to the ISPO Award.

At the jury meeting in May 2022, the light 16-liter backpack met with fierce competition. The three ISPO experts and the three sports enthusiasts from the ISPO Collaborators Club put a total of 60 products to the test. After an intense and long test weekend, it was clear: The Vertrail 16 is one of the winners - it will receive an ISPO Award 2022!

On the left in the picture the back view with the west-like carrying system. On the right, the compressed structure with rope and pimples.

A Target Group-Oriented New Development

The jury members base their decisions on nine criteria. One of the most important questions is the question: Does the product meet the requirements of the target target group? And the jury was able to answer this clearly with a yes in the case of Deuter Vertrail 16. Because it is light, multifunctional, weatherproof and even waterproof - i.e. what demanding speed alpinists need.

The Deuter Vertrail 16 also scored points in the "Innovation & Trend Character" category – not only because the model takes up the scrambling and speed hiking trend, but also because of the innovative design. Particularly noteworthy here is the west-like carrying construction, which is inspired by the construction of the trail running backpacks. Wide, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and a comfortable Lite back system ensure a compact fit close to the body. In this way, you maintain a safe balance even when you are traveling in exposed areas.

At the same time, the Vertrail 16 also has some features and functionalities of light, reduced alpine backpacks: its materials are robust and the technical features versatile. For example, the backpack on the front of the shoulder straps has a zipper pocket for smartphone or energy bars as well as two holsters for soft bottle drinking bottles. Another holster for storing compact telescopic poles is also attached here. Multi-purpose fastening straps and material loops also offer versatile possibilities to fix equipment such as helmets, pimples or crampons. In addition, they can be used to compress the storage space of the Vertrail, so that even with fast movements everything sits firmly and nothing wobbles or dangles around. In the inner compartment there is space for hydration systems up to three liters of volume.

Well equipped: The shoulder straps of the Vertrail 16 are equipped with holsters for drinking bottles and telescopic poles as well as a lockable bag.
This Is What Deuter Says about Vertrail 16:
"We have developed our fastest mountaineering backpack Vertrail for alpinists who want to move quickly and easily in the mountains in any weather and in any terrain by tailoring trail running elements to the requirements of alpinists. Because exactly after that, demand increases due to the constantly present topic of 'speed' in mountain sports. With this weatherproof vest backpack, we close a gap in our collection and throughout the market."
Johannes Braun, German Product Manager

Plus Point Water Resistance

The ISPO Award jury also honored the selection and processing of materials. Because the Vertrail 16 is completely waterproof - the abrasion-resistant material (220D PA PLAIN TPU) protects the contents not only from precipitation, but also from back sweat. It is provided with taped seams sealed waterproof by hot pressing. The new lid construction with roll-top closure for volume expansion keep the equipment dry, so you don't have to fear sudden rainfall on the mountain.

With regard to sustainability, the ISPO Award jury rated positively that the material of the Vertrail is PFC-free. The low weight of 480 grams as well as the minimalist and clear design also gave the jurors reasons to award the Vertrail 16 the coveted ISPO Award. The backpack will be launched in July 2023 and will cost EUR 160.

This is what the ISPO Award jury says about Deuter Vertrail 16:
“The new Deuter backpack was one of the favorites of the entire jury. It looks urban and modern and offers a lot of comfort with its wide straps and integrated holders for everything important that you want to have close at hand.”
Dr. Martina Wengenmeier, ISPO Award 2022 Jury Member & Editor

Five Reasons Why the Deuter Vertrail 16 Convinced the ISPO Award Jury:

  • Innovative carrying system

  • Water resistance

  • Low weight.

  • High wearing comfort

  • Modern design

Key data:

Sizes: 16 liters (unisex)
Color variations: Glacier-Graphite, Graphite-Tin, Turmeric-Teal
Weight: 480 g
For sale from: July 2023
Suggested retail price: EUR 160,--

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Sebastian Ring
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