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optray – tinting within the blink of an eye

react wins ISPO Award 2022 for optray sports sunglasses

Fast lens tinting for sports sunglasses takes on a new dimension with the react optray. Well-made, useful intelligent technology, perfect fit. Handmade in Switzerland.

Lichtadaptive Technologie für mehr Sicherheit beim Outdoorsport

Outdoor athletes in particular know the feeling when sunlight suddenly hits their eyes and blinds them. This can sometimes lead to challenging situations. For example, when skiers drive at high speed from a forest area onto a sunlit slope. The same applies to bikers who often move between shady and sunny passages in the terrain or on the road.

What helps is a pair of sunglasses that can quickly "switch" between the different tint levels. This is exactly what the optray sports sunglasses, which won an ISPO Award jury, do. A quick switch between the individual tint levels is made possible thanks to a light-adaptive technology that seamlessly "switches" back and forth between medium, dark and very dark tint. “In the name of the entire team, a big thank you to the ISPO Award 2022 Jury. This award means a lot to our young brand. It fuels our ambition to continue our journey, to build intelligent products for unlimited experiences”, says Marco Koch, CEO and President of the optrel Group, the mother company of the “react” brand.

The optray sunglasses react very quickly to different light conditions.

Quick change between tint levels

With the innovative technology, the optray can change the lens to the required tint level within 0.1 seconds. This sounds convincing and was positively highlighted several times during the jury meeting for this award. The individual tint levels are correspondingly broad: From a clear lens, ideal for the darker hours of the day, to a strong darkening, everything is possible. All this is made possible by the Swiss company's ShadeTronic technology.

A state-of-the-art sensor uses infrared rays to convert them into electrical energy and switch from Cat. 2 to Cat. 4 to the appropriate tint level in the blink of an eye. "The optray sunglasses stand for "Perfect light. Perfect vision. In 0.1 Seconds". Since the human eye is not able to adapt to rapidly changing light conditions, perception problems occur," explains Marco Koch. "Our optray remedies precisely this situation by automatically adapting to changing light conditions." In addition to quickly adapting to the optimal lighting conditions for sports, the optray also comes with other features. Digital displays of smartphones or head-up displays can be read perfectly.

The optray Amber model stands for usability in sports and leisure.

optray - sunglasses for sport and everyday life

With the optray sunglasses, people with an affinity for sports get a stylish and highly functional pair of sunglasses that are also completely within the price range. Considering that the glasses are handmade in Switzerland, the price becomes even more comprehensible. For the react brand, it is nevertheless important not to be arbitrary, but to stand out from other brands. "We don't want to be found on every corner. We want to work with and invest in partners. Partners who want to promote innovation and experience," says Marco Koch. This is also underlined by the fact that react uses energy-efficient and low-impact technology, thus supporting a sustainable approach.

For example, the built-in technology is energy self-sufficient, powered by the sun. "Sustainability is a key element in our brand DNA," explains Marco Koch. Another plus point that aims in the same direction is the flexible and multisport-oriented usability. The optray is aimed at all active people who just want to own a pair of sunglasses for sport and leisure. The striking yet timeless design chosen is certainly a realistic assessment of the brand.

The optray onyx model allows you to react to changing light conditions during golfing.
What the ISPO Award jury says about the optray sports sunglasses:
“The react optray sunglasses automatically adapts to changing light conditions within 0.1 seconds using integrated infrared sensors and that without an external power source. And it works reliably. Especially when cycling or skiing, where speed is involved, a superb technical solution. Fits well and can also convince with style.” ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Lightweight
  • UV-400 protection
  • ShadeTronic-Technology
  • appealing design
  • No batteries, power by the sun

Product Specifications:

  • Available: since June 2022
  • RRP: 289,00 €
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