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ISPO Award Winner 2024: Veil XP 30 by Rab

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With this ultralight backpack Veil XP 30, Rab is pioneering IP-certified backpacks combined with environmentally conscious design.

For runners and fast hikers

Rab presents the Veil XP 30 in the field of high-performance equipment. The lightweight backpack was designed for equipment-conscious runners and fast hikers who are aiming for long-distance adventures. With this ultra-lightweight backpack, Rab is pioneering IP-certified backpacks, combining state-of-the-art technology with environmentally conscious design. Rab proves that performance and sustainable production methods with recycled fibers are not mutually exclusive. 

"We are honored to receive the ISPO Award for the Veil XP 30. This is fantastic recognition for the hard work and dedication we have put into improving our Rab backpack range for Spring/Summer 2025, and we look forward to presenting the new

products to our retail partners and consumers," says Tim Fish, Product Director at Rab, about the recognition from the industry award.

The Veil XP 30 was developed in collaboration with Rab athletes and is based on the brand's proven Veil running vests and Muon backpacks. Constructed from 100% recycled nylon with taped seams and a waterproof HydroShield coating, it offers unrivaled protection from the unpredictable elements encountered on multi-day outings.

The Veil XP pack impresses with its ultra-light weight and high packing volume.
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Smart design

Looking at the details, it becomes clear how smart the design of the backpack is. Comfort and functionality merge seamlessly in the Veil XP 30 thanks to its innovative design. The Monomesh harness ensures stability, breathability and minimal water absorption, while the 3D Spacer back panel offers lightweight comfort and rapid moisture wicking. With a volume of 30 liters and a weight of only 0.545 kg, this backpack offers a perfect balance between capacity and agility.

The Veil XP 30 has been specifically designed to meet the needs of ambitious adventurers, with a focus on accessibility and adaptability. For example, the secure Velcro strap with laser-cut ventilation holes ensures a snug yet breathable fit.

The Veil XPs are ideal for anyone who likes to travel fast outdoors.
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Performance and environmentally conscious design

In addition to its performance, the Veil XP 30 is an example of Rab's commitment to sustainability. As part of its strategy to use more recycled fabrics, the backpack's main material is 100% recycled nylon, embodying Rab's commitment to reducing its environmental impact without compromising on quality or performance. The Veil XP 30 is the ultimate companion for those embarking on ultralight fast-packing expeditions or conquering rugged mountain marathons, with a focus on innovative gear, functionality and environmentally conscious design. With the Veil XP 30, Rab offers the growing number of fast hikers an ideal, lightweight packing tool for longer outdoor adventures in the great outdoors.

When it gets longer: Thanks to the large storage space, you can pack plenty of additional equipment.
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That’s what the Jury says:

"For those who prefer to move swiftly in the outdoors, this running pack offers a competent companion at hand. What convinces are the numerous features, the excellent fit, and the material. Sustainable overall design with outstanding performance characteristics."
Jury ISPO Award

These features convinced the Jury:

  • Waterproof running pack (IPX4)
  • Ultralightweight
  • Breathable mono mesh harness
  • Comfortable, high-wicking 3D mesh back system
  • Eco-Conscious Design: 100% recycled material, PFAS-free

Product specifications:

  • Available: February 2025
  • RRP: € 170.00
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