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ISPO Award Winner 2024: The North Face Summit VECTIV™ Pro 2 running shoe

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The North Face Summit VECTIV™ Pro 2 is a fusion of stabilizing footplate, rockered midsole geometry and high-traction outsole - a trail running shoe for peak performance on race day. The shoe is a centerpiece of the brand’s new and improved Summit Series Trail Running collection, showcasing passion-driven innovation.

Building upon the success of its predecessor and crafted in collaboration with elite athletes worldwide, The North Face Summit VECTIV™ Pro 2 combines a tried and tested concept - a stabilizing footplate, rocker midsole geometry, and a high-traction outsole to turn energy into momentum. This latest iteration also sports a range of new and improved components, including a forked footplate configuration and more responsive foams, ensuring maximum energy transfer with every step. This includes the debut of the brand’s so-called DREAM Foam midsole technology: an innovative midsole that softens hard impacts on the trail with feather-light cushioning and higher rebound.

Packed with technology for trail running performance

At the heart of these shoes lies the VECTIV™ 2.0 carbon-fiber plate, providing stability and energy efficiency on rugged terrain. Powered by a super-high-rebound foam, each stride is supported with extra force, propelling runners toward the finish line. The midsole foam is an innovative cushioning technology that offers an incredibly lightweight, soft, and bouncy underfoot experience with great resiliency throughout the life of the shoe. A seamless integration of an internal debris bootie ensures a snug yet comfortable fit.

The innovative sole unit features a VECTIV™ 2.0 rockered midsole, complete with stability wings and a forked design for enhanced traction on technical terrain. This rockered midsole geometry not only provides forward propulsion but also ensures underfoot stability, crucial for navigating challenging trails.


The SummitVECTIV™ Pro 2 trail running shoe: Fast rebound, dynamic stability, and amazing propulsion
Image credit:
The North Face

A trail running shoe offering durability and an eco-conscious approach

With a midsole stack height of 32 mm at the heel and a 6 mm offset, these shoes strike the perfect balance between cushioning and responsiveness. Paired with an outsole featuring 3.5 mm lugs optimized for trail terrain, you can expect unrivaled grip in any conditions.

The Summit VECTIV™ Pro 2 boasts a seamlessly engineered upper made from 92 percent recycled materials, reinforced with high-tenacity yarns offering both durability and an eco-conscious approach.


The North Face Summit VECTIV™ Pro 2 trail running shoe: Athlete tested and expedition proven
Image credit:
The North Face

The proof is on the podium

Overall, The North Face Summit VECTIV™ Pro 2 is also the result of countless hours of research and testing by the team and their athletes and with that also a true reflection of the brand’s slogan “athlete tested, expedition proven.“

With over 165 podium finishes and 94 wins and counting, the success also shows how the brand continues to push the boundaries of trail running with its VECTIV Pro Series. Not only does The North Face Summit VECTIV™ Pro 2 help with conquering new trail terrains, winning races, and running faster, but it also convinced the ISPO Award jury as a true state-of-the-art trail running shoe.


Here’s what the jury had to say about The North Face Summit VECTIV™ Pro 2 trail running shoe:

"Combining cutting-edge technology, sustainable design, and uncompromising performance, The North Face Summit VECTIV™ Pro 2 marks another step forward in designing state-of-the-art trail running footwear helping to push athletes in their performance and also the sport as a whole."
ISPO Award Jury

5 reasons why the The North Face Summit VECTIV™ Pro 2 convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Ultralight foam midsole with high rebound
  • Seamless internal debris bootie for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Full-length carbon-fiber plate with stability wings and a forked design
  • Rockered midsole geometry engineered for long-lasting forward propulsion
  • Rubber outsole with high-traction 3.5 mm lugs optimized for trail terrain

Product specifications:

  • 32 mm midsole stack height at the heel with a 6 mm offset
  • Sizes: Men: EU 39-48; Women: EU 36-42
  • Color: White Dune/TNF Black
  • RRP: €250.00
  • Available: April 2024
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