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ISPO Award Winner 2022: Julbo Lightyear Goggle

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The Julbo Lightyear unites amazing ventilation technology with super-sophisticated reactive lenses and offers excellent vision day and night - a versatile goggle for various mountain sports and adventures.

Mountain lovers become more and more versatile. They change their activities up depending on the conditions, skiing opportunities or maybe just what they feel like at the moment. A trend that Julbo has also observed and that challenged the brand to take a new approach to the market. So instead of finding answers for smaller market segments, the company has decided to take a more holistic approach in terms of catering to all sorts of different needs, from ski touring to snowboarding in one goggle. The Julbo Lightyear unites sophisticated technologies to offer excellent protection no matter the conditions at hand or snow sport chosen.

Perfect Protection All Riding Season

Thanks to the Julbo Lightyear, adjusting the googles to changing conditions for maximum protection will be a lot more intuitive. Extra airflow can be easily activated and locked in an ultra-secure way thanks to magnets. The photochromic lenses, especially the exclusive REACTIV Cat0>Cat4, offer the best vision from dark night to sunshine. Without even thinking about it for a second, skiers and snowboarders will benefit from perfect protection all riding season.

SuperFlow Pro System for Easy Ventilation

Integrated magnets to secure the lens lock whatever the temperature and make opening and closing the ventilation of the goggle really easy. A bi-injected frame offers flexibility, a good fit and strong lens hold. Still, the goggle is lightweight and nice to wear.

The previous SuperFlow System by Julbo launched a few years ago and was perfect for ski tourers or committed freeriders who were used to adjusting their gear. It was created with a ski touring mind set and worked well for this type of consumer. It required specific movements and a little bit of training, though. The new SuperFlow PRO that is integrated in the Lightyear now, is a lot more intuitive and easy to use and understand: only one finger is needed to open or lock the system. It is very securely locked thanks to some magnets, even though it is so easy to use.


The SuperFlow Pro System by Julbo allows for easy ventilation
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From Clear to Very Dark Lenses in an Instant

In the development process, the product team at Julbo dreamt of creating a lens that can change from clear (Category0) to a much darker lens, offering the highest protection against bright sunlight (Category4). With the new Reactiv High Contrast technology which is also part of the Lightyear the team succeeded in this endeavor. So no matter the conditions, from a sunrise tour to a snowy day freeriding, to bright sunshine on the slopes, the lens adapts to all of them. In changing weather conditions, you won’t need to bring a different set of lenses, but the goggles take care of that automatically. With its photochromic lens you will have the best vision whatever the conditions and also don’t need to be an expert to enjoy your time in the mountains to the fullest.

The starting point for the Lightyear was to avoid a crazy design when integrating the SuperFlow PRO ventilation technology. Now, its compact design makes the technology completely invisibly, allows a wide field of vision and makes the goggles also lightweight. 

Lots of work has also been done on the assembly and the kinematics of the parts. Special attention has been dedicated to wearers of prescription glasses with a frame shape that fits over them. And despite all the technologies included, the goggles itself are clean and compact, ensuring a good fit with a helmet.


Close and open it with just one finger: the ventilation system of the new Lightyear goggle
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"Instead of finding answers on a microlevel to the very specific needs of a certain type of skiers, we were taking more of a macro approach with the Julbo Lightyear goggle. So we designed the ultimate ski goggle that will answer and exceed the needs of all type of skiers."
Nicolas Defude, Winter Product Manager, Julbo

Here’s what the jury had to say about the Julbo Lightyear:

“The intuitive ventilation technology as well as the photochromatic lenses that adapt to every condition you can think of make the Julbo Lightyear a product that is amazingly simple to use, although there is so much technology in it.”
ISPO Award Jury

Reasons why the Julbo Lightyear convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • maximum ventilation by Superflow Pro technology
  • easy system to unlock and re-lock thanks to invisible magnets
  • ultra-versatility: use from dark night to sunshine
  • special OTG version available
  • compact shape for a great fit with a helmet

Product Specs: 

  • Superflow Pro technology
  • photochromatic lens
  • Goggle Size: Adult, fits slim, medium to large faces 
  • OTG version available
  • Colors: 14 colors available

RRP: €229.90-259.90

Available from October 2023

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