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Sports Business/06/12/2024

UEFA EURO 2024: Fan priorities and potential of the major event

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"Joie de vivre" - 61% of Germans interested in soccer see this as the most important aspect of the UEFA EURO. This means that the positive view of the sporting event is taking center stage just before kick-off. "Safety" is important for 58% of fans, while "top sporting performance" is in third place with 54%. But what economic potential does the major event have?

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Germany is on the brink of a summer soccer fairytale that is likely to be a highlight both in sporting and economic terms. A recent survey from the sports business database ONE8Y DB shows that "joie de vivre" is the most important aspect of the EURO from the fans' point of view - only just ahead of the equally important topic of "security". These two topics even surpass the "top sporting performances", which traditionally take center stage.

Hendrik Fischer, CEO of the sports marketing agency ONE8Y, comments positively on these developments: "It is interesting to note that fans' priorities have shifted in recent months. Enjoyment of life and safety are the most important things to fans - even if sport has naturally become more important in view of the upcoming tournament. This development should be viewed positively, as it shows that fans are not only focused on the sporting highlights, but also value a positive overall experience and safety.

The survey, in which over 6,500 people interested in soccer took part from December 2023 to May 2024, revealed that 61% of participants named "joie de vivre" as the most important aspect of the UEFA EURO. The topic of security followed closely behind. While the importance of enjoyment of life has increased significantly over time, security has remained at a consistently high level. This underlines the importance that fans attach to safety at matches. Sustainability, although important, ranked significantly lower at 26%.

Respondents also expressed their growing anticipation of the tournament, which has steadily increased since March 2023. From an initial 90%, enthusiasm rose to 95% shortly before the start of the tournament. These figures show that the population is looking forward to the event positively despite the associated challenges.

UEFA EURO 2024 as an economic driver

UEFA EURO 2024 also appears to have significant economic potential. According to the ongoing survey by ONE8Y, 63% of soccer fans plan to spend more than EUR 100 extra. The largest share of this expenditure will be spent on catering (19%), followed by public viewings (17%) and parties (13%). This additional spending could become a small economic stimulus program for the German economy. The UEFA EURO 2024 therefore not only shows the great enthusiasm of the fans, but also the economic potential and challenges that such major events bring with them.

Hans-Willy Brockes, organizer of the new congress SPORT MARKE MEDIENemphasizes the need for political support for major events:

"Politicians are still doing too little to systematically attract major events to Germany and make them feasible. The important issues of safety and sustainability in particular pose increasing challenges for event organizers, which urgently need to be supported by politicians."
Hans-Willy Brockes

SPORT MARKE MEDIEN: Summit on the future of sports marketing

The new congress on the occasion of ISPO Munich 2024 will, among other things, shed light on the topic of major events and work out the most important aspects with sports organizations in a think tank.

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