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ISPO Munich exhibitors: Extend your trade show presence with a virtual showroom at JOOR

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Two big players are joining forces for sports, outdoor and lifestyle: ISPO Munich has gained JOOR, the world's largest digital wholesale provider, as a partner. And as an ISPO Munich exhibitor, you can now benefit from the platform's reach! Your JOOR account is included in your ISPO Munich participation package.

Boost your trade show presence with your virtual showroom from JOOR!

Ready to become part of JOOR's globally successful B2B wholesale service? 14,000 brands, including Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Descente and Umbro, over 600,000 buyers from 150 countries from the luxury, fashion, footwear, accessories and sports sectors: This reach is now part of your participation package at ISPO Munich 2024!

The best part: Since the JOOR Passport and thus the virtual showroom is included in your ISPO Munich 2024 package, there are no additional costs for you. Expand your trade show presence 4 weeks before to three months after the trade show, take your customers' shopping experience to the next level and expand your international retailer network.

The JOOR platform service benefits

  • 24/7 hybrid sales: Through the JOOR platform, brands can give buyers access to virtual showrooms around the clock.
  • Brand differentiation: Brands can present themselves in curated showrooms and always look their best with dynamic virtual presentation tools.
  • Real-time analytics: JOOR provides instantly available reports that use real-time data to highlight different sales opportunities.
  • Improved liquidity: Orders and payment status can be tracked directly on the platform with JOOR's integrated checkout solution, JOOR Pay.
  • Outstanding ordering experience: Intuitive dashboards and revolutionary tools to improve bulk buying take the entire shopping experience to a new level.
JOOR offers brands and retailers an appealing, virtual 360-degree presentation of the products on offer
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New B2B communication channel

The partnership between ISPO Munich and JOOR creates an important new communication channel with numerous benefits. For the sports and outdoor industry, the JOOR platform enables direct contact with fashion and lifestyle retailers. This channel also works seamlessly in the other direction. Retailers are informed about products, innovations and trends in the sports and outdoor sector. This new, digital 360-degree channel generates additional B2B reach and corresponds to the basic idea of ISPO as a global innovation and inspiration platform.

With the JOOR platform included in the participation package for ISPO Munich 2024, ISPO offers its customers an additional, future-oriented service. The JOOR Passport offers the exclusive benefit of not only trying out digital shopping and sales opportunities, but also extending the trade show presence digitally!

"In its role as an ecosystem for the sports industry, ISPO Group seeks strategic partnerships in relevant areas to generate added value for our customers. We have thoroughly analyzed the market in the area of digital extension of physical trade shows and with JOOR we have found someone who brings significant business value to our community while providing the network, expertise and technology required to align our two platforms even more seamlessly with ISPO customers. Our main goal is always to develop relevant products and services for ISPO customers. The partnership with JOOR in particular allows our customers to intensify their relationships with retailers after the trade show and simplify the ordering process. They can enter into new retail relationships and generate numerous additional touchpoints with retailers."
Lena Haushofer, Exhibition Director of ISPO Munich and OutDoor by ISPO

About JOOR

Since its foundation in 2010, JOOR has perfected a hybrid approach to digital wholesale. An iPad app is used for face-to-face appointments and a desktop platform supports virtual sales around the clock from anywhere in the world. What used to be manual ordering processes at trade shows can now be done completely digitally. JOOR enables all aspects of wholesale buying and selling necessary for comprehensive 360-degree distribution, from collection presentation, assortment building and order placement to payment processing and virtual trade show appearances that extend a brand's reach.

The New York-based company's innovative technology appeals to both brands and retailers. The platform's offering focuses on centralizing and optimizing order management to improve the entire sales process. In short, JOOR allows brands and retailers to buy and sell from anywhere. "We are very excited to partner with ISPO to showcase our leading digital wholesale ecosystem for the fashion industry at their prestigious trade show this fall. With JOOR's advanced hybrid selling experience, we aim to provide participating brands with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace," said Kristin Sevilia, CEO at JOOR, describing the direction of the partnership.

Retailers can keep track of their orders via the JOOR platform.
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"At JOOR, we enable brands and retailers across all industries - from luxury fashion to sportswear and sporting goods - to digitize their ordering process to promote efficient and frictionless wholesale transactions. Through our partnership with ISPO, we are excited to leverage our expertise and bring it to the sports and outdoor industry. With the evolution of consumer behavior, it is crucial for brick-and-mortar retailers to diversify their sales channels and embrace digital transformation. We believe that using platforms like JOOR will not only enable brick-and-mortar retailers to survive, but also thrive in the digital age."
Kristin Sevilia
JOOR offers a unique wholesale experience via virtual showrooms
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