Tips on how to make the ski tour with children a success

LISTICLE | 11/28/2022
Martina Wengenmeir

DYNAFIT general manager Benedikt Böhm is a father of three and a passionate ski mountaineer. On ISPO.com, he reveals his eight best tips and tricks for helping kids discover the sport of ski touring with joy and ease. Because in addition to the right equipment, there are a few factors to consider to make ski touring a leisure adventure for the whole family.


Don't take on too much

Ski touring can be demanding: New movement sequences, for example, must first be learned and practiced. Therefore, parents should not aim too high for the first tours. Challenge yes, but within limits. 400 to 500 meters of altitude are usually sufficient for the beginning. Of course, the terrain itself should not be too steep or technical. This way, the kids can learn the technique first.


Good mood thanks to powder and sunshine

Taking the first steps in icy temperatures or strong winds? Not a good idea! Beautiful weather and fresh powder snow glistening in the sun immediately put you in a good mood and the descent is also much more relaxed. My tip: Be flexible when planning and if in doubt, rather wait for a nice winter day. The first impression is often decisive so that the children do not immediately lose the fun of touring.

Ski touring equipment for children must be lightweight and easy to handle.

Safe skiing skills are a must!

A safe skiing technique is a must before kids go ski touring. Otherwise, problems can quickly arise in open terrain. In the beginning, I would still recommend doing the first tours near the slopes or in the ski area. In the meantime, there are many places with specially designated ascent routes and you can comfortably ski down the slopes. The ascent takes a lot of energy, so the descent can be a little more relaxed.


It's the variety that counts

Children want to discover and play and adults should also take this into account when ski touring. Small detours to a plateau with a great view, a detour through the forest, or small technique exercises provide variety.

Detours through the forest make ski touring exciting for young and old.

Kaiserschmarrn always motivates

Motivation is the name of the game when you're out in the mountains with kids -  no matter if on a ski tour or on foot. The prospect of Kaiserschmarrn or a proper snack quickly revives them again. If the first ski tour can be combined with a stop at a mountain hut, all the better.


Teaching avalanche awareness through play

One thing is certain: safety always comes first when ski touring. Even more so when you're ski touring with children. Therefore, the general rule is to only tackle tours when the avalanche risk is low. In addition, even the little ones should be equipped with an avalanche transceiver for emergencies. The search for buried victims can be practiced from the beginning in a playful way, and experience has shown that children have great fun looking for a backpack with buried sweets.

Ski touring is more fun for kids in a group.

The more the better!

My basic rule for any mountain trip with kids is: the more the merrier. Many people always think that it is stressful to be out in the mountains with a larger group of children, but the opposite is true. The children also engage with each other, the bigger ones take responsibility for the smaller ones and in the end, everyone has more fun.


Equipment suitable for children

Every parent knows it: If the boots hurt, the backpack is too heavy or the handling of sports equipment does not work intuitively, then children lose joy in the matter very quickly. Of course, the purchase of equipment is always a question of cost, but with light and efficient equipment and functional clothing, ski touring is simply more fun. Why should this be different for children than for us adults? When buying equipment, you should look for high quality and durability. Then even the siblings will still enjoy the jacket, skis and boots, or the equipment can be easily resold.

With the Youngstar collection, DYNAFIT presents the first ski touring system specifically for children and youths in winter 22/23. The collection includes hardware suitable for children, such as a pre-assembled ski set consisting of skis, bindings, and skins, as well as poles and ski touring boots, and a functional as well as stylish clothing line to provide the young touring enthusiasts with the best possible protection against cold, wind and weather. The little ones can go ski touring just as easily, safely, and efficiently as the adults.

For those who are now just waiting to set off with the whole family, DYNAFIT ski touring parks can also be a good starting point. Marked and safe ascent routes lead the way here. In early January, for example, a new ski touring park will open at Hirschberg, which is a popular ski touring classic at Tegernsee.

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Martina Wengenmeir