Majesty Ski: High-end ski-touring sets for every purpose

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Ski touring is in vogue and with the increasing popularity of touring, the number of innovative products for the ski touring fan is also increasing. The Polish brand Majesty is at the forefront of this trend and offers a new touring range with high performance touring products for skiers who refuse to sacrifice performance for lightweight and vice versa.

The Tatara Mountains in southern Poland are one of the prime skiing destinations in Eastern Europe. Various mountain peaks of the High Tatra reach above 2.500 meters and the unexploited terrain offers great freeskiing and ski touring potential. This area is home to the Polish Ski brand Majesty. Founded in 2007 by enthusiastic freeskier Janusz Borowiec who felt there is a need for a brand that would represent his freeride DNA. Since then Majesty touring skis and freeride skis have won numerous international ski awards. The great success is, without doubt, the result of unique technologies like the 4x4 Design Concept, the Elliptical Rocker Design, and the 2D Hybrid Technology.

Gruppe Skitourengeher am Abhang
Ski touring at a lonely peak of the High Tatra Mountains.
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Besides the passion for innovative technologies, Majesty also aims to have a transformative impact on the ski industry. „We started Skis4Trees as a clear and easy to understand action and decided to plant a tree seedling for every pair of skis we sell. As a ski-manufacturing company, we cannot emphasize enough that Majesty skiscores are made tip to tail of wood. To achieve that perfect flex and extreme durability of our skis, we use ash and poplar FSC certified wood cores of best quality, explains Janusz Borowiec, founder of Majesty.

A new performance level for touring skis

Anyone who decides to buy a touring ski accepts that the ski does not offer the same performance as a conventional piste or freeride ski. Likewise, ski touring beginners notice that their skis do not come close to the handling characteristics of their desired conventional ski on the descent. Majesty puts an end to these compromises with the new touring ski collection.

The new Majesty touring range for 2021 is based on the know-how and experience gained from the development of the unique and revolutionary shape, profile, and construction of the successful Supernova ski model. All touring models feature a light paulownia wood core, textolite plates for mounting bindings, a semi hybrid construction (semi-cap), and a re-designed tail for mounting skins.

To meet the demands of every ski touring enthusiast the touring line consist of five different ski models. The sidecut of all models enables the skier to use the whole length of the contact edge which enhances grip, control, and drive in the turns. Due to the specific shape and profile of the camber, which is used in all touring models, the skis offer perfect responsiveness, great power transmission, and smooth edge-to-edge ride. All in all the 2021 ski touring line stands for a weight-conscious approach, all-around performance, and high-quality skiing in diverse terrain.

How to pick your perfect ski touring set

If you want to buy a new ski touring set, you must first be clear about how and where you want to go ski touring. Do you prefer touring safely, quickly, and comfortably in the ski area or lonely and adventurous off-piste? If you mainly tour the slopes a narrower touring ski is the right choice. The reduced width makes turning and steering curves more easily. In off-piste terrain and deep snow, the skis need more surface to avoid sinking in the snow. So your ski touring set for freeriding should be at least feature a waist width of 85 millimeters.
As an example, we picked three ski touring sets from Majesty for different purposes which meet the demands of all ski touring fans.

Ski touring set for touring on-piste

This set is a perfect combination for all skiers looking for a light set-up to climb the slopes effortlessly. Due to the full carbon layup and carbon-aramid fibers, the Superscout Carbon ski only weights 1190 grams at 170 centimeters. With a waist of 83-85 millimeters and the solid, light C-Crest 10 bindings this ski offers great control on the decent too.

Skitouren Set Superscout Carbon Skis + C-Crest 10 Bindings
Skitouring Set Superscout Skis + C-Crest 10 Bindings
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Ski touring set for freetouring and freeriding

The waist width of 100-105 millimeters indicates that the Supernova Carbon is a serious tool to explore the backcountry. Constructed with a full carbon layup and carbon-aramid fibers the 169 centimeters Supernova Carbon weighs only 1400 grams. In combination with the award-winning R12 touring bindings, this set-up guarantees the highest skiing performance in the most extreme conditions.

Skitouren Set Supernova Carbon Skis + R12 Bindings
Skitouring Set Supernova Skis + C-Crest 10 Bindings
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Ski touring set for all-round-touring

If you are looking for a ski touring set which combines both worlds - the easy accent on piste and the variability of backcountry skiing - the versatile Superwolf ski is the perfect fit. Depending on the length its waist ranges from 89-91 millimeters which offers enough floatation in powder and at the same time enough agility on hardpack snow or the piste. Total weight of 1400 grams at 172 centimeters and the versatile C-Crest 10 bindings add to the easy all-round handling of this touring set.

Skitouren Set Superwolf Skis + C-Crest 10 Bindings
Skitouring Set Superwolf Skis + C-Crest 10 Bindings
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Additional essentials for ski touring

Besides the right ski touring set for your preferred terrain, functional clothing is no less important to have fun on the mountain. In the picture gallery below we present a selection of smart and stylish pieces that keep your body temperature just in the right range. No matter if you are hiking up or skiing down.

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