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ISPO Award Winner 2024: SkyNest by Travelbird

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For those who love sleeping under the open sky – setting up camp with the SkyNest is a breeze.

Multifunctional: Three products in one

Travelbird presents the SkyNest, an all-in-one hammock-tarp tent solution. This smart design incorporates multiple outdoor sleeping scenarios. It can be used as a solo outdoor shelter, a hammock with a mosquito net, or simply as a tarp. With its versatile setup options, the SkyNest stands out from traditional hammocks. Whether suspended between trees or pitched on the ground like a lightweight tent, the SkyNest effortlessly adapts to different camping and outdoor needs.

Winning the ISPO Award is significant for the Hong Kong-based company, recognizing their efforts in a rapidly growing global outdoor market. "This means that our products have received professional recognition after years of research, development, and experimentation. It also signifies that the TravelBird brand from Hong Kong has been acknowledged and accepted by a wider audience," says a member of the TravelBird design team.

The SkyNest was specifically designed for use in the wilderness. Travelbird prioritized comfortable portability, quick setup, and spacious interior dimensions during its construction. Thanks to its clever design, the SkyNest can be set up quickly and intuitively without the need for assembly instructions. After a short familiarization period, setting up the SkyNest takes approximately one minute. This is particularly convenient when arriving at the campsite late after a long day outdoors.

The advantage lies in the details. Unlike traditional hammock tents that often require intricate adjustments of individual components, the SkyNest allows the hammock, mosquito net, and rainfly tarp to unfold simultaneously in a single setup. This is practical and efficient.

The SkyNest can also be set up as a simple ground tent.
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Lots of space, high sleeping comfort

Often, new outdoor products are born from personal experiences. This was also the case with the SkyNest. Inspired by the outdoor expertise of one of the leading team members, the now award-winning SkyNest was developed. The goal was to create a product that simplifies outdoor living without compromising on performance.

For comfort, the design was carefully considered. The cross-section of the SkyNest hammock is pentagonal, and the mosquito net extends outward, so it doesn't touch the face. This creates a high level of sleeping comfort, as there are no space limitations in the hammock. Another advantage is that a camping mat can be installed at the bottom of the hammock. Alternatively, it can be attached to the underside using special fixtures. Additionally, the hammock and rain tarp can be used completely separately and independently of each other.

The SkyNest is designed for use in the wilderness.
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Protection from the Elements

Whether exploring remote outdoor trails or embarking on a camping trip in the countryside, the all-in-one hammock tent provides comfortable and secure protection from the elements. 

The SkyNest shields against sun, wind, rain, snow, and pesky insects, offering optimal protection in any environment. With the SkyNest all-in-one hammock tent, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy carefree nights in nature.

The SkyNest from Travelbird is also suitable for camping vacations.
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What the jury says:

"Cool design idea: combining a hammock, a mosquito net and a tarp in one. But that's not all: The great thing is that all the elements can be assembled in one. A great sleeping alternative for all travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. Super quick setup; the tarp is positioned directly in the optimal position. Suitable for beginners and advanced users."
ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the Jury:

  • All-in-one, modular design
  • Quick-setup
  • Ultralight, portable
  • All-weather-use, multi-scenario (hammock, canopy, or ground tent)

Product specifications:

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